Obama v. America

March 22, 2013


If you thought Hilda Solis was bad for American workers-and she was-then wait until you see who Barack Obama has tapped to replace her as the next head of the Department of Labor. Oh-so-mainstream Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez, a man that has devoted a large portion of his career to empowering illegal aliens served by organizations like Casa De Maryland, a lavishly-funded, open borders outfit which seeks to not only forcibly impose illegal day laborers upon Maryland taxpayers, but to  eradicate immigration enforcement altogether.

To get an idea of how fanatical this organization and its leaders are, read this WorldNetDaily report on their activities during the last major national debate over immigration reform. This is an entity whose perverse goals Thomas Perez sacrificed his time and energy to help achieve, one which advocated for the interests of illegal aliens over and above those of taxpaying, American citizens-despite the fact that he was ostensibly elected to represent his fellow citizens on the Montgomery County Council. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to state that the upcoming debate over the Perez nomination is a battle between open borders dogmatists and the American public. Thankfully, there are still some members of the United States Senate in our corner; we’ll need them in order to thwart one of the President’s worst nominations to date.


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