2010 Primaries

August 25, 2010

The summer season of primaries had an eventful conclusion last night, although the race between Senator Lisa Murkowski and her opponent has yet to be determined. Overall, yesterday’s primary results constitute a mixed bag for the immigration enforcement and reduction camp. While our heroine, Governor Jan Brewer, is heading towards a sweeping victory in November, Arizona voters also decided to return one of the worst incumbents on immigration and border security  issues to the U.S. Senate. Bill McCollum was defeated in a narrowly-decided Republican gubernatorial primary, and Allen West, who’s made immigration enforcement a key plank of his platform, is going to be the Republican nominee in the 22nd District of Florida.

Regardless of yesterday’s results, I urge everyone with a stake in this issue to go out and vote in November. We’ve already seen great progress since the passage of SB 1070, but it’s time to convert the new national consciousness of border security and illegal immigration into political action.

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