America The Beautiful (Part I)

July 30, 2011

This woman is smiling because she is a newly naturalized American citizen. I caught her exiting the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building, which houses an office of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service, as seen below:

This was the site of the Jericho Walk,a sometimes amusing, often exasperating parade of horribles, from illegal alien advocacy groups, to members of the Service Employees International Union, to actual illegal aliens, demanding that we recognize their “right” to violate violate our laws, in sharp contradistinction to the process followed by the jubilant East Indian woman seen at the beginning of this photo-essay. The irony of choosing an Israeli biblical hero to represent a consortium of groups seen routinely at pro-Hamas, anti-Israeli rallies was apparently lost on the participants in this theater of the absurd, as you can see from these photographs:

I’m not sure if the palm fronds were a nod to Islam, or simply a continuation of the tortured analogy to the struggles of the enslaved Hebrews. Lord knows, there were plenty of those, the most offensive among them being a group of marchers tied together with fake chains. Get it? Bondage?

The man in the first photograph is blowing a shofar, apparently in the hope that the USCIS offices will come tumbling down. Fortunately, if that does happen, it will obviate the need for any more of these farcical protests.

The clergy was well-represented, as were numerous political apparatchiks. The woman standing beside the priest in the picture above is a staffer for Jose Serrano, a congressman who represents a congressional district with one of the highest poverty rates in the nation. Apparently, that is not a persuasive enough argument to dissuade him from open borders advocacy.

The man holding the microphone is Ydanis Rodriguez, who represents District 10 in the New York City Council. A native of the Dominican Republic, he holds a master’s degree Bilingual Education, which is such an effective means of imparting the English language to non-English speakers that it’s been banned in the state of California for over a decade.

This woman was part of a rather unfriendly contingent from the Minkwon Center for Community Action, a Korean lobby group that seems to focus exclusively on loosening American immigration controls and border enforcement. She was visibly upset when I took her photograph, asking me, “did you ask me if you could take my picture?” To which I replied, “no, but then again, you didn’t ask me if you could break my country’s laws.” So I suppose we’re even.

The males of the group seemed to be even more aggressive, and less inclined to be picture hounds. This particular character found my innocuous photography so infuriating that he gave me the one-fingered salute, which I unfortunately did not record for posterity.

His friend with the buzz cut graced me with a few choice expletives before stalking off. Say “hello” to the readers of American Rattlesnake, gentlemen!

Not everything was so serious, of course. There were some elegant hats on display:

And even a youth observer from the Marxist National Lawyer’s Guild seemed to be pleased with my presence:

Although it was by no means a universal sentiment:

Tomorrow: More disgruntled leftists, open borders dogmatists, and assorted riff raff. Plus, the cavalry arrives!

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3 Responses to America The Beautiful (Part I)

  1. Tatyana on July 30, 2011 at 10:28 AM

    Oh Gerard, you fearless soul. If looks could hurt, that one from the last photo would already land you in hospital!
    And what is Nation Marxist organization? Aren’t Marxists supposed to be INTERnationals?

    Ts-ts-ts. Someone was flanking their socialist theory classes in reeducaiton camp…

  2. Brittanicus on July 30, 2011 at 8:07 PM


    Either party, Democrat, Republican are completely ignorant or just intentionally remain unconcerned about the massive expenditures for pandering to the illegal alien invasion. The federal debt ceiling and all 50 States have huge deficits from the illegal immigration occupation. Schools, health care and programs that is reducing America to a pauper nation. You as the American people must start yelling at the politicians in Washington, to demand they recognize that this issue is part of the discretionary spending. Only Rep. Michele Bachmann R-MN) Leader of the Tea Party Caucus, dares to speaks out about this issue, with a conviction that this is part of our national issues. The TEA PARTY membership can now be counted in the tens of million of ordinary citizens, who are black , Hispanic, White and other races. Bombard Congress with you voices, tell them no Amnesty, No Immigration Reform, no Sanctuary cities or States and No Dream Acts.

  3. Anna on August 1, 2011 at 1:11 PM

    Absolutely outrageous! There is on of the biggest reasons this country is suffering from large debt. And they keep coming with the support of the morons who don’t contribute to
    their high cost of maintenance. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


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