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Executive Action Panel: Part 4

The much-anticipated conclusion to my debate with amnesty supporters on ABC’s Tiempo from last month. Enjoy.
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Executive Action Panel: Part 3

Part 3 of my Tiempo debate. This segment includes an extraordinarily typical example of a media narrative I’m sure you’re all-too familiar with, albeit with a local hook-for those of us living in the Tri-State Area.
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Executive Action Panel: Part 2

Part 2 of my debate with supporters of President Obama’s latest amnesty on Tiempo.
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Executive Action Panel: Part 1

Here’s my appearance on Tiempo, debating the President’s executive action on immigration, from last week.
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American Rattlesnake On Tiempo This Sunday

Those of you who were hoping for more media exposure on my part are in luck! Two days from now you’ll see me on Tiempo, an Hispanic public affairs program hosted by WABC-TV news anchor and reporter Joe Torres, discussing the President’s most recent executive action regarding immigration. I’ll be debating a representative of...
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