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Speak No Evil (Canada’s New Blasphemy Law)

March 26, 2017
Speak No Evil (Canada’s New Blasphemy Law)

I, Hypocrite on point, as usual. Anthony Furey has more on the Canadian government’s decision to stigmatize speech critical of Islam.

Clash Of Cultures

March 24, 2017
Clash Of Cultures

MARCH 4, 2017 was a busy, busy day.  March 4 Trump Rally at Trump Tower vs Standing Rock Anti Trump leftists at NYPL – 42nd st.

March4Trump Patriots gathered to Support Our President.

This is a Pro-America rally in support of our President and to show our American pride.
Wear your USA and Trump gear. Bring your American flags, signs and pride. This will be a peaceful rally
Standing Rock Climate Leftist Loons and their Comrades-in-arms
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Westminster Attack

March 22, 2017
Westminster Attack

Update: Mayor Khan speaks out

Tommy Robinson explains what makes London such a terrific terror target for Islamists. 

Ben Shapiro takes the media to task

Multiple fatalities. Over 20 casualties

Could the timing of this attack be symbolic? 

The Guardian is live-blogging the terrorist assault upon the UK’s seat of power.

Judge Neil Gorsuch Confirmation Hearing

March 20, 2017

The New Normal

March 19, 2017
The New Normal

For those of you under the misimpression that this weekend’s thwarted terror attack in France is an anomaly, Breitbart London has some sobering news. In a single 18 month span, over 230 people were murdered in jihadist attacks upon that country. And while most of us are aware of the horrors perpetrated in the Bataclan and the offices of Charlie Hebdo, few recall the many acts of terrorism which were prevented by well-trained security forces.

Perhaps, like Londoners, residents of cities like Toulouse, Marseilles, and Paris will just have to adapt to the new normal…if you can call it that.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2017

It turns out that many Irish-Americans follow the career path of their forefathers. For a great novel about Irish-American women, and their relationship to both the City and its exceptional fire department, I would suggest picking up a copy of my cousin Kathleen’s Ashes of Fiery Weather. To our readers, I’d just like to wish you a happy St. Patrick’s Day, even if you’re only Irish until midnight.

Constitutional Crisis

March 16, 2017


President Trump’s revised executive order has been halted, once again, by a federal judiciary which doesn’t seem to understand-or to care much about-the Constitution or its prescribed role within it. You can read Josh Blackman’s instal-analysis, which hits most of the key points.

As Mark Krikorian points out, regardless of the inherent merits of the Trump policy, the decisions rubbishing it pose a unique threat to Constitutional government as we know it. Something that the late Antonin Scalia warned about repeatedly. Not surprisingly, the state which is responsible for this latest extra-constitutional ruling has accepted less than 10 refugees for resettlement in FY 2015, none of whom hail from the Middle East.

This would be amusing if the consequences weren’t so stark.

What You Can Do

The Spirit Of America

March 3, 2017
The Spirit Of America

Update: Photos of events held throughout the country. 

Tomorrow will see rallies held across the nation expressing support for President Trump and his platform. Presumably, there will also be counter-protests, although hopefully this time the participants will be able to restrain their penchant for savagery, destruction of private property, and unrestrained violence against those peaceably assembling. Read More »

Resolved: Free Migration Is Good For America

January 30, 2017
Resolved: Free Migration Is Good For America

The Soho Forum is a fantastic new institution which explores important philosophical and political issues, many of them topical in nature, through rigorously argued debates. Read More »

Stand For Truth (Basta Fidel)

December 2, 2016
Stand For Truth (Basta Fidel)


Despite the encomia heaped upon the late Fidel Castro over the past few days, from both tyrannical regimes and morally inverted Western leaders, the man who turned Cuba into a tropical gulag had no redeeming features. He ruined his nation, turning a once a thriving-if troubled-island into a testament to the failure of socialism and hellishness of totalitarian rule. Read More »

Speaking Truth To Power

November 11, 2016
Speaking Truth To Power

To the surprise of no one, the reporters, editors and publishers whose revolting fealty to Hillary Clinton, exposed in excruciating detail through Wikileaks, resulted in an historic loss for the Democratic Party have learned nothing from Tuesday’s Trumpslide. Instead of reflecting upon how media institutions rigging the primary process against Bernie Sanders, then conducting an embarrassing, 9 month-long editorial jihad against Donald Trump, might have led voters to reject the chosen one, they have spent the past 2 days regurgitating stories about fake SJW-created hate crimes. Read More »

Friday Night Fights

November 2, 2016
Friday Night Fights


One of my favorite spectator sports is live debating. Although not all debates are as riveting as the Nick Gillespie-Walter Block confrontation which occurred last night, this election cycle has taught us all the entertainment value of a good one. Read More »