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Legislative Oversight

December 4, 2014
Legislative Oversight

The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing earlier this week exploring Barack Obama’s recent executive action-a policy that the fourth estate’s deliberately misleading reportage has made even more confusing than its patently unconstitutional nature would ordinarily warrant. Thankfully, C-SPAN broadcast the proceedings in their entirety. You can watch the full hearing on C-SPAN’s website.

With each passing day, as more details behind this brazen power grab are exposed, the nation realizes the contempt with which this administration, and its toadies in Congress, holds the American public


Introducing Reel To Reel (The Podcast Continues)

December 2, 2014
Introducing Reel To Reel (The Podcast Continues)


Seasons change, as do the names of entertaining cultural affairs programs. With the departure of my friend and co-host Todd Seavey, the title Seavey/Perry on Culture doesn’t seem as descriptive as it once did. To that end, I’ve taken the unilateral decision to recommission this year-old entertainment project Reel to Reel, even though I will continue to explore subjects far afield from the world of cinema, which will remain my chief focus. 

Like us on Facebook. Listen to previous Seavey/Perry podcasts. Also, feel free to offer suggestions as to how I might improve upon the podcast, or make suggestions as to what subjects you would like to see addressed in future episodes. Even though this new title might seem dated-with the profusion of digital film-I believe it reflects a healthy respect for the traditional world of cinema which has attenuated somewhat in recent years. To the detriment, I believe, of art.

Regardless of how you feel about the current state of cinema, I hope that you will join me-as well as any future co-hosts and guests-in any future critical endeavors.

Justice For All

November 30, 2014

Just a reminder that the nation’s sheriffs, tasked with enforcing the laws which our president continues to eviscerate, will be rallying against the latest imperial decree in Washington D.C. a week from now. You can read the complete letter by Sheriff Thomas Hodgson here. Sheriffs Against Amnesty is just the latest illustration that, contrary to the misleading bullet points issued by open borders spin doctors, law enforcement is overwhelmingly opposed to sanctioning-let alone, endorsing-the presence of illegal aliens in this country. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention to the latest horrific crime to be visited upon innocent American citizens.

We urge you to contact your own police commissioner or sheriff and request that he or she join the effort to nullify the President’s latest unlawful, extraconstitutional edict, just as those charged with enforcing and applying immigration law have done, in spite of the potential professional repercussions.

Ours is a nation of laws, despite what the former lecturer in Constitutional law currently occupying the White House may think.

American Rattlesnake On Tiempo This Sunday

November 28, 2014

Those of you who were hoping for more media exposure on my part are in luck! Two days from now you’ll see me on Tiempo, an Hispanic public affairs program hosted by WABC-TV news anchor and reporter Joe Torres, discussing the President’s most recent executive action regarding immigration. I’ll be debating a representative of Catholic Charities, whom I’m sure you’re all familiar with by now, and a spokeswoman for Neighbors Link.

Those of you living in New York City can watch the program on Channel 7 at 11:30 AM this Sunday, but for those of you living outside of the Big Apple I will be posting a link to the entire show once it’s made available. For the record, I misidentified the United Farm Workers as the United Fruit Workers at one point during the debate. Unfortunately, this is television and gaffes have been known to occur. Other than that, I think you will all enjoy listening to the other side of the story for a change.


Happy Trails

November 26, 2014
Happy Trails

All (good) things must come to an end, as the omnipotent, yet enigmatic, interstellar character Q pointed out to the crew of the USS Enterprise during a particularly harrowing flight. As in Gene Roddenberry-created science-fiction epics, so it is in the world of pop cultural podcasting, which is why this month marks the conclusion of my nearly year-long professional collaboration with my good friend Todd Seavey

Even though Todd is leaving for bigger-and hopefully more lucrative-endeavors, the Perry portion of Seavey and Perry on Culture will persist, as I cycle through a diverse cast of witty anarcho-capitalists willing to plumb the depths of art-both high and low-as well as the current cinematic zeitgeist. Until next month’s edition of Perry & Co., when you’ll discover who my exciting new co-host is, I ask you to enjoy our interview with agorist science-fiction maven J. Neil Schulman, whose name you might recognize from previous podcasts. We discuss the film adaptation of his dystopian novel Alongside Night, among many other scintillating subjects. 

In closing, let me just wish Todd the best of luck in future enterprises and urge you all to follow this site for future updates on my adventures in quasi-political podcasting!

Executive Abandonment

November 24, 2014

When You’ve Lost Jennifer Rubin…

November 22, 2014

One of the most remarkable aspects of this administration’s latest lawless Executive decision is the contempt it’s drawn from circles you wouldn’t normally associate with patriotic immigration reform or concern for the desires of working class Americans. Perhaps the most startling example of this welcome phenomenon is the recent spate of columns penned by the Washington Post’s nominally Republican, reliably open borders Romney booster Jennifer Rubin. Although much of her distaste for the President’s most recent unconstitutional edict is no doubt tied to her desire for a suicidal legislative amnesty enacted by a Republican Congress, the fact that she’s willing to accurately describe the White House’s naked political gambit is praiseworthy nonetheless. 

The fact that Obama has even alienated the most fervent corporate shills and mass immigration enthusiasts among the GOP should give you an inkling of how noxious this politically opportunistic power grab truly is.

What You Can Do

NY ICE Counter DREAMers (Rally Tomorrow Afternoon)

December 5, 2014
NY ICE Counter DREAMers (Rally Tomorrow Afternoon)
Even as the federal government willfully violates the Constitution in order to assiduously cater to the needs of millions of illegal aliens, our own state’s leaders are trying to find a way to subsidize the “undocumented” with your wealth. Joanna Marzullo, of New York ICE, is organizing her own response, the details of which you can read after the jump.

NY ICE Rally Against Administrative Amnesty (Today at 7 PM!)

November 20, 2014

This just in, courtesy of Joanna Marzullo, founder of NY ICE: 

As many of you know, Obama is planning on issuing an Executive amnesty later today.  This action is anticipated because the recent mid-term elections were not in his favor.  Obama is showing his hand, and showing he will exceed his rights as President when what he wants goes against the will of the American people he is supposed to represent. Read More »

Trek’s Trek (Honoring Brian Terry)

August 30, 2014
Trek’s Trek (Honoring Brian Terry)


Kudos to intrepid investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson for bringing attention to a noble cause. As most of you know, the investigation into the death of Agent Brian Terry at the hands of Mexican narco-insurgents has gone nowhere for nearly the past four years, in no small part due to the obstruction of this administration. Even so, the friends and family of Brian have never stopped speaking out on behalf of justice.

Read More »

Team Emma (Join The Fight Against Childhood Cancer)

August 20, 2014
Team Emma (Join The Fight Against Childhood Cancer)

Unfortunately, there aren’t many people whose lives haven’t been touched by cancer in one form or another. One of the most heartbreaking forms, as well as one whose research is perhaps the most grossly underfunded, is pediatric cancer. That’s why the need to support those suffering from it is so urgently needed, as in the case of  a beautiful, strong, sweet little girl from Alabama named Emma Grace Mitchell. Read More »

Show of Unity (Anti-Terror Rally This Weekend)

August 14, 2014
Show of Unity (Anti-Terror Rally This Weekend)

With civilization under continuous bombardment, from Nigeria to Iraqi Kurdistan to the kibbutzim in Israel threatened by Iranian-supplied weaponry, it’s time that Americans stood up in opposition to the wave of Islamic terror engulfing the globe. To that end, the indefatigable Pamela Geller will be hosting an AFDI-sponsored rally in support of the Jewish State, as well as the religious minorities facing extermination at the hands of Islamic State barbarians, this Sunday.

You can RSVP at the official Facebook event page!