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Power to the People

April 3, 2014
Power to the People

One of the only, and inarguably the most potent, weapons patriotic citizens have in our struggle against the lavishly-funded, politically powerful open borders lobby is the support of the American public. This strength was demonstrated yet again in the deeply blue state of Oregon, where the supreme court of that state has allowed an initiative to be placed on the ballot which would bar illegal aliens from having access to state-issued driver’s licenses.

Congratulations to Oregonians for Immigration Reform for proving that grassroots organization can beat the treason lobby despite the vehement opposition of well-heeled corporate donors, the state legislature, and virtually quarter of the mainstream news media. This is what resistance looks like!

Free Range Kids

April 1, 2014
Free Range Kids


One of the more pernicious trends in modern parenting is the tendency to cosset children, to treat them  as flesh and blood versions of Faberge eggs, insisting that they never be exposed to the potential for hurt or disappointment-no matter how minimal the risk, or instructive the lesson-at any point in their young lives. One of the main adversaries of this form of helicopter parenting is Lenore Skenazy, a columnist and mother who is responsible for creating Free Range Kids, a movement designed to discredit the notion that children should be denied the independence and freedom of movement-and thought-which creates productive adult members of society. 

Mrs. Skenazy gave a fantastic lecture last month before the Cato Institute, hosted by legal blogger Walter Olson, outlining her case, which is incredibly compelling. But I’ll let you decide for yourself

The Treason Lobby’s Bag Man

March 30, 2014
The Treason Lobby’s Bag Man

As  a Facebook friend remarked when posting a link to this story, “what morons are running this godforsaken idiot party?” Good question, my friend. The answer, apparently, is liberal open borders, multimillionaire  Sheldon Adelson. Leaving aside the dubious provenance of Mr. Adelson’s wealth,  you have to wonder why Republican presidential aspirants would be so eager to court an benefactor who has a nearly unblemished record of bankrolling losing candidates.

The answer, of course, is that the leaders of the current Republican Party  are beholden to corporate donors and are willing to do their bidding, especially when it coincides with their own deeply-held beliefs. Jeb Bush is merely the most pliant instrument of the open borders lobby, but his views, unfortunately, are shared by many of the front-runners in the 2016 GOP presidential sweepstakes. Including pre-Bridgegate media darling, Governor Chris Christie.

The battle has been joined, it’s time patriotic Americans weighed in, don’t you think?


The Two Faces Of Harry Reid

March 28, 2014
The Two Faces Of Harry Reid

Lest you think the open borders dogmatists who dictate Democratic Party policy on immigration have always been so adamantly opposed to the interests of Americans, Mark Levin explains how shifting demographics-along with the moral bankruptcy at the heart of the institutional left-forced the current Senate Majority Leader’s hand.  One former Democrat who has held firm is the former governor of Colorado, Dick Lamm, whose prescient warnings about the perils of unfettered mass immigration from the third world have been studiously ignored by people who can immunize themselves against the deleterious impact of their own ideas. 

h/t to FAIR for this invaluable audio. 


Border Security

March 27, 2014


To put things into perspective, there have been repeated incursions by ostensible members of the Mexican military since 2006, many of which have been linked to powerful drug cartels. Which begs the question, what’s being done  by the Mexican state to curb the aggression of Mexico’s uniformed officers? The answer, sadly, is not much. 



Life and Death on the Border

March 24, 2014
Life and Death on the Border

Here’s the latest press release from the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers addressing the Obama administration’s directive restricting the use of deadly force by Border Patrol agents. Read More »

Republican Voters vs. Republican Politicians

March 22, 2014
Republican Voters vs. Republican Politicians


As the White House contemplates an expansion of its constitutionally dubious administrative amnesty, it’s worth taking a look at how the treason lobby’s Republican accomplices are dealing with the public’s repudiation of their most cherished legislative priority, i.e. opening the spigot to an endless stream of cheap, imported labor. A particularly revealing exchange happened a week or so ago on the Laura Ingraham Show during an interview with faux conservative Rep. Renee Ellmers, a woman who ran for Congress under the banner of the Tea Party. 

Instead of listening to the concerns expressed by her constituents on the subject of immigration reform, i.e. amnesty,  however, she has decided to throw in her lot with the one of the most lavishly-funded, dense Capitol Hill lobbying networks. Which might explain why Tamar Jacoby and her allies are rallying around the embattled congresswoman even as conservative North Carolinians seek viable alternatives to the complacent incumbent. 

While the Republican Party leadership doesn’t get it, Republican voters understand the necessity of preventing the implementation of another amnesty for which the GOP will (rightly) be held culpable. An amnesty that will make the election of candidates like Renee Ellmers an impossibility in the near future, something that open borders Republicans like her don’t seem to grasp. 




What You Can Do

Listen To The Ruthie Report Tomorrow Night!

December 11, 2013

When her special guest will be Paul Arnold, director of the Make Them Listen campaign.

Please join Ruthie this week, Thursday, Dec 12th from 8-10 pm, CST.  Join the program at 9 pm  on Blog Talk Radio.   Read More »

Border Truths

December 1, 2013
Border Truths


For those readers within the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area who would like to attend the event, you can find directions to the event here.

 4568 E Cactus Rd

Phoenix, AZ 85032

(602) 996-8840 Read More »

Make Them Listen Monday

October 28, 2013

It should come as no surprise that the lavishly-funded open borders lobby is renewing its push to enact wholesale amnesty. Minting millions of new Democratic voters is the President’s only hope of salvaging a second term whose chief accomplishment to date has been the complete unraveling of the President’s chief first term accomplishment. Read More »

Civic Action (Anti-Amnesty Demonstration This Saturday)

October 4, 2013

The open borders lobby hasn’t had much luck mustering impressive mobs in their national campaign to pressure lawmakers into rubber-stamping amnesty through Congress. However, that hasn’t prevented it from trying to milk publicity from public spectacles attended mostly by those who aren’t even legally entitled to vote. We’ll be seeing another anti-enforcement rally this weekend, but the good news is that New York Ice  will be there to challenge the faulty premises and tortured logic used by the treason lobby.

Joanna Marzullo gives you all the information you’ll need to participate below.  Read More »

American Dignity

September 21, 2013

The open borders lobby never rests, and so it comes as no surprise that its cadres in the City have an event planned for next month. The NYIC-along with the usual suspects-has prepared a host to demonstrate the contempt with which the treason lobby views American citizenship. Those of you willing to stand up for the dignity of your fellow Americans can find information on how to rebuke them below the fold.  Read More »