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Fates Worse Than Ebola

October 17, 2014
Fates Worse Than Ebola

Update: The passenger from Lagos who died on an Arik Air flight to New York recently suffered from cardiac arrest, and is not believed to have contracted Ebola, according to the CDC. 

The public face of the Ebola epidemic, now that Thomas Eric Duncan has expired, is unquestionably Thomas Frieden, the current head of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Although the media regularly tout his role in stemming a tuberculosis outbreak in India-and addressing a similar proliferation of the disease in New York City-there is little discussion of his actions as this city’s Health Commissioner, particularly the more controversial aspects of his tenure.

I only raise this because of the perplexing behavior and words of Dr. Frieden in recent days, which, if anything, have only increased Americans’ suspicions that the government doesn’t know what it is doing. Perhaps the most bizarre statement to be issued by him thus far is the assertion that preventing foreign nationals from the three African nations decimated by the Ebola crisis from entering the United States would actually cause the virus to spread. Over a hundred people from West Africa land in this country every day, and as the Daily Signal points out, the State Department is still processing visas from non-American nationals in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, to the consternation of the current Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. This, despite the fact that those with Ebola presumably continue to board flights seeking medical treatment in the United States. Read More »

Profiles in Radicalism (La Raza’s Man In Washington)

October 15, 2014
Profiles in Radicalism (La Raza’s Man In Washington)

One of the more interesting races to watch this November will be the Texas gubernatorial contest,  which features the dream candidate of feminist progressives, State Senator Wendy Davis. Although a fundraising dynamo and icon for those who support expansive access to abortion, the chances that she will actually emerge victorious from this race are increasingly negligible, as self-inflicted wounds doom a candidacy that many already considered-with some justification-a hopeless cause.

Even as the Davis boomlet evaporates, however, the project to turn Texas blue proceeds apace. A key part of that plan involves the national political aspirations of a man our readers are familiar with, current Hud Secretary Julian Castro. Read More »

Christopher Columbus and Open Borders

October 13, 2014
Christopher Columbus and Open Borders

One of the most entertaining aspects of the open borders dogma is observing the cognitive dissonance its devotees require in order to sustain their belief system. Mass immigration fetishists, by their very nature, are constitutionally incapable of recognizing irony, and a perfect illustration of this fact can be found in the pontifications of Bryan Caplan, one of the most fervent-albeit, least persuasive-advocates of permanently altering the demographic composition of the developed, Western world. 

His most recent contribution to the stereotype of oblivious mass-immigration enthusiasts comes in the form of a post to The Library of Economics and Liberty blog which castigates those morally relativistic conservatives who lionize the accomplishments of Christopher Columbus. It’s doubtful that Professor Caplan will  bother to read the replies made by EconLog readers in response to his denunciation, but if he did he would find a number of cogent points, chief among them the idea that the European empires represented by the great explorers embodied the spirit of open borders ideology, arguably even more so than Bryan Caplan himself. Read More »

A Gruesome Crime

October 11, 2014
A Gruesome Crime

Many of you will remember this site’s description of El Narco, a wonderfully illuminating and disturbing look into the world of the transnational cartels which have embedded themselves within Mexican society written by British investigative journalist Ioan Grillo. Mr. Grillo has just published an insightful op-ed, in the New York Times that explores the grisly discovery of a fresh batch of corpses on the outskirts of the city of Iguala, which lies just a little over sixty miles away from the capital of Guerrero State in southwestern Mexico. Read More »

Texas Insider: Lamar Smith Discusses Fast and Furious, Amnesty, and Obamacare

October 10, 2014


A great interview of someone charged with oversight of Barack Obama’s increasingly lawless presidency. Unfortunately, as the latest decision regarding Eric Holder and the Justice Department’s response to Fast and Furious makes clear, even as the White House’s defiance of the law grows, the options we have for holding it accountable are not optimal. While the President has conceded that his decision to delay expanding upon his unconstitutional administrative amnesty is merely a political expedient intended to help Democrats salvage the upcoming congressional elections, Chairman Smith’s pairing of this outrageous plan against the continuing conflict Syria is an interesting juxtaposition. 

I suggest you listen to this illuminating interview in full to get an idea of what Obama & Co. have planned for us in the upcoming months. 


Radio Derb: Ebola and Ezekiel

October 8, 2014
Radio Derb: Ebola and Ezekiel

The past few weeks have been filled with news of dramatic happenings throughout the globe, not the least of which is the rapidly metastasizing ebola epidemic. In order to put things into proper perspective, it’s always useful to have an intelligent, rational guide who’s not captive to multiculturalist dogma and elitist groupthink. Thankfully, the latest edition of Radio Derb has just arrived! 

From the latest political turmoil engulfing Hong Kong-including the Chinese Communist Party’s ham-fisted attempts to crush the Occupy Central democracy movement-to the dubious hiring practices of this city’s Marxist mayor, John Derbyshire covers it all. Definitely worth checking out for those of you who have been enjoying a news sabbatical.

A Dose Of Humor

October 6, 2014

It’s good to know that there’s at least one voice who hasn’t been neutered by the politically correct, intellectually bankrupt, leftist groupthink that animates so much of public discourse these days, even if it is the puppet of an insouciant Yugoslavian Mountain Hound. As Triumph points out, the vast majority of faux Disney characters importuning passersby for handouts in Times Square are illegal aliens, the remainder being, most likely, convicted sex offenders. 

It will be intriguing to see how pols eager to shelter criminal aliens who reside in this city will reconcile their open borders fanaticism with their eagerness to please tourists-in Councilman King’s case, with a very likely unconstitutional bill inhibiting their activities. 


What You Can Do

Trek’s Trek (Honoring Brian Terry)

August 30, 2014
Trek’s Trek (Honoring Brian Terry)


Kudos to intrepid investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson for bringing attention to a noble cause. As most of you know, the investigation into the death of Agent Brian Terry at the hands of Mexican narco-insurgents has gone nowhere for nearly the past four years, in no small part due to the obstruction of this administration. Even so, the friends and family of Brian have never stopped speaking out on behalf of justice.

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Team Emma (Join The Fight Against Childhood Cancer)

August 20, 2014
Team Emma (Join The Fight Against Childhood Cancer)

Unfortunately, there aren’t many people whose lives haven’t been touched by cancer in one form or another. One of the most heartbreaking forms, as well as one whose research is perhaps the most grossly underfunded, is pediatric cancer. That’s why the need to support those suffering from it is so urgently needed, as in the case of  a beautiful, strong, sweet little girl from Alabama named Emma Grace Mitchell. Read More »

Show of Unity (Anti-Terror Rally This Weekend)

August 14, 2014
Show of Unity (Anti-Terror Rally This Weekend)

With civilization under continuous bombardment, from Nigeria to Iraqi Kurdistan to the kibbutzim in Israel threatened by Iranian-supplied weaponry, it’s time that Americans stood up in opposition to the wave of Islamic terror engulfing the globe. To that end, the indefatigable Pamela Geller will be hosting an AFDI-sponsored rally in support of the Jewish State, as well as the religious minorities facing extermination at the hands of Islamic State barbarians, this Sunday.

You can RSVP at the official Facebook event page!

Citizen Activism (Anti-Amnesty Demonstration This Weekend)

August 1, 2014
Citizen Activism (Anti-Amnesty Demonstration This Weekend)

This weekend will see yet another nationwide event opposing the efforts of the Obama administration to flout our current immigration laws. New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement will be leading that opposition locally. 

Joanna Marzullo, founder of NY ICE, provides details for those of you wishing to attend after the jump. 

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Keep The Pressure On! (Overpass Rally in the City of Angels)

July 25, 2014

From our good friends at Jamiel Shaw’s Blog comes word of a regular protest against this administration’s lawless immigration policy and the open borders ideology of its allies and sympathizers. Here are the details, for those of you in the Greater Los Angeles Area, a.k.a. Southland

Los Angeles Overpass Rally Every Friday

Starting Tomorrow 7/25/14
1:00pm – Dusk
Bring Signs & American Flags
4th Avenue & 23rd Street
The Bridge Above the 10 fwy
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Come for a few minutes or stay a few hours.