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Senate Confirmation Hearing For Jeff Sessions

January 10, 2017


Update: Stay classy, SJWs. 

It turns out that it is Constitutional to ditch unconstitutional Obama edicts. 

Dianne Feinstein steps up the plate and whiffs.

R.I.P. Nat Hentoff (1925-2017)

January 8, 2017
R.I.P. Nat Hentoff (1925-2017)

We learned of Nat Hentoff’s death last night from his son, who was the first to tweet this sad news to the rest of the world. You can read his full obituary in the New York Times, but I would suggest combing the Internet to read his words for yourself. Even though he was a product of a pre-Internet age, Hentoff deftly utilized the tools of the late 20th and 21st century to spread his message of individual liberty and the rule of law. A perfect example being this Web video from the Foundation for Individual Rights and Education, an organization committed to preserving free expression on college and university campuses across the country.

A fierce opponent of the past 3 occupants of the Oval Office, as well as Executive overreach in general, a man who refused to defend anti-white racism masquerading as diversity,  an idiosyncratic liberal turned libertarian-who defended the human rights of the unborn-and a lifelong advocate of the Bill of Rights, Nat Hentoff was a truly remarkable public figure. Like fellow civil liberties advocate Wendy Kaminer, he was a scathing critic of the synthetic liberals at the ACLU, who run what is essentially a left wing affinity group under the guise of defenders of the Constitution. Read More »

All The News That’s Fit To Stint

January 6, 2017
All The News That’s Fit To Stint

Update: Denied bail. 

Contents of the bond proffer, which describes the barbaric act these 4 creatures committed in detail. 

Media coverage of the prolonged anti-white brutalization of a mentally challenged boy has been despicable. From the politically correct know-nothingism of Shephard Smith, to the antiseptic-and confusing-reports from the Associated Press, to the anti-Trump non sequiturs bankrolled by Latin American Marxists, to the repugnant coverage of CNN, there has been blanket denialism from the left. The same press organs which trumpeted “news” of hate crimes which to the last turned out to be complete and utter hoaxes have decided that four sadistic barbarians kidnapping, humiliating and torturing a handicapped young man because he is white-over the course of 2 days-is a big nothing burger. Just like the torture and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom were ignored by the national media because it did not dovetail with their specious racial narratives, this horrific crime is being downplayed and misrepresented by those who specialize in untruths.

Sadly, we can expect more of these “incidents” to occur in the years ahead, even as blatant lies about rising Islamophobia and Trump-inspired attacks upon racial minorities are treated as gospel. As Mark Steyn pointed out on today’s Rush Limbaugh Show, this toxic climate has been produced by decades of antipathy driven by the media, academe, and Hollywood, which has only been ramped up in the wake of Donald Trump’s election as President. I actually agree with Don Lemon’s widely condemned comment that these sociopaths had bad home training. However, the problem is that their home training-or non-training, as the case may be-is the direct result of a terrible philosophy propagated by people like Don Lemon. Read More »

Confirm Him!

January 4, 2017
Confirm Him!

Update: Ken Blackwell explains the cultural genesis of media hatred for Senator Sessions. 

Roy Beck and Numbers USA make the case for Jeff Sessions assuming the role of  Attorney General. Read More »

New Year, New Jihad

January 2, 2017
New Year, New Jihad

Update: Tommy Robinson right again, the perp arrived in Turkey via Syria

ISIS claims responsibility. 

Burying the dead

Graphic photos of the Istanbul massacre. 

A profile of the victims of jihad

For good ongoing overage of this attack, follow Abdullah Bozkurt’s Twitter feed.

One of the most exasperating parts of following news coverage of the latest wave of Islamic atrocities is the deliberately mendacious way these crimes against humanity are portrayed by the Fourth Estate, the Santa attack inside of an Istanbul nightclub being just the latest example of this willful deception. At least the editors of the Daily Beast had the courtesy to enclose that word in quotation marks, but people who didn’t read beyond the headline of this story would probably be under the impression that a deranged mall santa decided to go on  a bloody rampage, a la A Christmas Horror Story. No, this wasn’t a case of an otherwise non-ideological lunatic going postal, or a person cosplaying a scenario from a Batman vs. Joker film. Read More »

Welcoming 2017

December 31, 2016

It’s been an interesting year, to say the least. To all of you who stayed with us through a turbulent, exciting election cycle, I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude. We have a lot in store for you in the upcoming year.

The Problem Of Refugees

December 29, 2016
The Problem Of Refugees

One of the most frustrating aspects of the ongoing invasion of Europe is the unwillingness of those who supported this disastrous policy to admit that they were wrong. It’s not simply the men and women who ushered in his collective insanity-primarily Angela Merkel, but also the rulers of the unaccountable, unelected European Union-who refuse to accept reality, but scores of ordinary individuals that simply don’t want to admit that we are witnessing a catastrophe unfold on a continental scale. Even those far removed from the consequences of this historical mistake-perhaps especially these people-are adamant that welcoming millions of Muslim Middle Eastern and African refugees into the heart of Western civilization was a splendid idea. Read More »

What You Can Do

Stand For Truth (Basta Fidel)

December 2, 2016
Stand For Truth (Basta Fidel)


Despite the encomia heaped upon the late Fidel Castro over the past few days, from both tyrannical regimes and morally inverted Western leaders, the man who turned Cuba into a tropical gulag had no redeeming features. He ruined his nation, turning a once a thriving-if troubled-island into a testament to the failure of socialism and hellishness of totalitarian rule. That’s why this weekend’s tribute to the scores of victims of Castro’s dystopian regime, which you can RSVP to here, is necessary. Those who do not learn from history-or refuse to acknowledge its truths-are condemned to endlessly repeat it. The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation should be applauded for shining light upon the brutalities of one of the few remaining Communist dictatorships. Read More »

Speaking Truth To Power

November 11, 2016
Speaking Truth To Power

To the surprise of no one, the reporters, editors and publishers whose revolting fealty to Hillary Clinton, exposed in excruciating detail through Wikileaks, resulted in an historic loss for the Democratic Party have learned nothing from Tuesday’s Trumpslide. Instead of reflecting upon how media institutions rigging the primary process against Bernie Sanders, then conducting an embarrassing, 9 month-long editorial jihad against Donald Trump, might have led voters to reject the chosen one, they have spent the past 2 days regurgitating stories about fake SJW-created hate crimes.

Sadly, even the seeming exit of Hillary and Bill Clinton from public life has not prevented Clinton cronies from exacting their revenge upon the few courageous dissenters within the mainstream press. The most recent infuriating example being VICE’s termination of Michael Tracey, a genuine journalist, who was fired for daring to question Lena Dunham and acknowledging the electorate’s universal distaste for Hillary Clinton as a public figure.

You can read the forbidden piece in its entirety here, but more importantly, you can support Michael and his ongoing efforts to bring us factual reporting by contributing to his Gofundme page. Read More »

Friday Night Fights

November 2, 2016
Friday Night Fights


One of my favorite spectator sports is live debating. Although not all debates are as riveting as the Nick Gillespie-Walter Block confrontation which occurred last night, this election cycle has taught us all the entertainment value of a good one. Read More »

Bridging The Gap

October 29, 2016


Occasionally I’ll ask our readers to help out directly in the lives of people suffering. In this case, it happens to be a personal friend who’s undergoing severe medical hardship. Domenica recently suffered a heart attack and is now facing a series of emergency surgeries-while simultaneously dealing with an inept hospital bureaucracy. A mutual friend has decided to help her financially weather this storm by establishing a Gofundme page on her behalf. Read More »

Scandalous Behavior

September 28, 2016
Scandalous Behavior

While the scrupulously impartial moderator of Monday’s presidential debate didn’t see fit to ask a single question about one candidate’s wanton disregard for the law, though she herself alluded to it obliquely, Judicial Watch is not in the habit of playing favorites. Criminality is criminality, even when the Director of the FBI refuses to deem it so. Read More »