What You Can Do


Although the battle against illegal immigration seems like an arduous struggle for new activists, a good place to start is We Hire Aliens.   Once there, you’ll find information to help you identify and report employers who are violating our country’s immigration and/or labor laws. Good luck!
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Call Your Senator

Or fax, e-mail, or write him or her. Whatever method you choose,  you can find the necessary information here. Numbers USA is the best anti-illegal/mass immigration organization working Capitol Hill, and if you need to know what your senator or congressman has been doing to protect our borders, chances are they already have that information neatly catalogued. Go to...
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Immigration Reading List

Courtesy of our friends over at the Center for Immigration Studies.  Remember, you can’t take action until you have all the facts, and no think tank or public policy organization in this country is better at assembling and synthesizing the facts about the multi-faceted issue of immigration than Mark Krikorian and the CIS.
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Support SB 1070

Show Governor Jan Brewer and the citizens of Arizona that you stand behind their efforts to do the job the feds aren’t.
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Ground Zero

The first thing I’m asked by those who are interested in becoming activists for sensible limitations on immigration
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