Rally for Jewish Prayer Upsets Israeli Consulate

September 10, 2017

August 10, 2017 — New York City.

It was a small protest. The Jewish Defense League and friends gathered outside the Israeli Consulate to support the right of Jews to pray at the Temple Mount.

“Muslim and Christian clerics say that Temple Mount “belongs only to Muslims” [Pamela Geller]

Read more for the official and unofficial reactions to this peaceful rally.


Rally Jewish Prayer at Temple Mount NOW!
Thursday Aug 10, 2017. 4:30 – 6:30 PM. Israeli Consulate – NYC

Across from the Israeli Consulate, NYC
They will hear us say-
“Today is the day!
Let Jews pray!!”

The Temple Mount is ours!
End the arrests!
End the harassment!
Let Jews Pray!!!!!

The consulate is very close to the decaying walls of the United Nations. The UN’s blatant anti-Israel bias was revealed with this large display of lies mounted during the “2014 Anti-Semitism Conference”.

What else could we expect from bureaucrats who hate Judeo-Christian civilization?

Instead of welcoming their thoughtful protest with kind words, the cowards in the Israeli Consulate spent more time pestering this quiet band of PRO-Israel New Yorkers to GO AWAY. “Why are you are here. How long. Oh? Well, we didn’t know you were coming.

Pfizer Building security was very concerned. “You and your signs can’t lean on our building. Touch our building.  Step away from our building. Thank you.

Flickr slide show:


Crossing the avenue to the public sidewalk in front of the Israeli consulate I was told to leave the sidewalk by someone who came from inside the consulate.

Him, “You can’t take pictures of the protesters across the avenue. Or film. You must move. You can’t take pictures.”

Me, “It’s a public sidewalk, sir.” 

Him, “I’m Jewish,too. But, I am asking you nicely to leave.” 

Me (nicely), “I will take my pictures of my friends. I’m blocking no one on this public sidewalk. Then I will leave.”

Him, “This is about security.”

Me, “I’m not a security problem.  Just a person taking pictures of my friends — on a public sidewalk.”

Him, walking away, shaking his head as I continued to take pictures.

Take note — people in the bar two doors over (approximately where I wound up — inside a concrete berm so I would NOT block the sidewalk) were also standing and chatting in a public walkway. They were no problem for the consulate. But for this reporter, “Move along. You can’t film or take pictures of the people ACROSS the avenue.

As I finished and headed back to the west side of Second Avenue, a policeman followed me — REPEATING the same silliness about not taking pictures from a public sidewalk. He knew I broke no laws, which I politely explained, and then he said the predictable, “Thank you for your co-operation.”

On the plus side, passersby in vehicles and on foot were PLEASED that the “Let The Jews PRAY” had come out in support of Israel and the Temple Mount. New York is not completely lost to the anti- Israel lobby.

Too bad the residents of the Israeli Consulate didn’t appreciate support when they SAW it.

The time is NOW. Jews are being arrested for praying at our holiest site, The Temple Mount. A Jewish man was just given a restraining order forbidding him from going to The Temple Mount because he got married there.

The Temple Mount is Jewish. It’s OUR holiest site.

The demand is simple: Israel must immediately abolish the “status quo” and allow Jewish prayer and worship on the Temple Mount.

Please join us on Thursday, August 10th at 4:30pm. Bring your Israeli flags. Bring American flags. Bring signs demanding to end the “status quo” and allow Jewish prayer at The Temple Mount now.

Now is the time! We have waited long enough!!

This protest is being held jointly with the phone-in protest hosted by Take Back the Temple Mount.

[All photos property of Pamela Hall]

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