Immigration Scofflaws Rally to Attack Jews and the Rule of Law

September 5, 2017

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 — Columbus Circle, New York City

Supporters of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) gathered by Central Park at Columbus Circle. Meanwhile, the headlines quivered with apprehension, knowing the President would be addressing DACA in the near future. [On September 5, Attorney General Sessions confirmed that DACA will be rescinded — Ed.]

Read more of the temper tantrums of illegal immigrants at this event.

As I arrived at 4:45 PM, the police presence was on the center-isle, by the globe; by Trump’s International Hotel.

NYPD presence for this rather large press event was negligible as the crowd gathered.

The immigration scofflaws were spread over a wide area at the entrance to the park, posing for photographers and giving interviews to random media.

As the crowd gathered there was breathing room; the press could walk easily throughout for the photo-ops and interviews. This reporter, however, experienced the usual shoving and blocking to impede my reporting.

I tracked the main culprit, Rabbi Michael Feinberg, and three members of the press sympathetic to his cause.

During the media frenzy, several counter-protestors from the Jewish Defense League stood quietly at an entrance to the park; holding their signs and an Israeli flag. They before the march started. But, this was not a truce — just the quiet before the storm.

About 15 minutes before the march began, harassment began … and escalated. There were no police to be found. The norm has been to have one or two officers assigned to the counter-protest. OR to have them miraculously appear at the first hint of an escalating uproar.

The instigator’s emotions ran the gamut from nasty, to obscene, and finally to the ridiculous. It was all aimed for the cameras. No police ever appeared.

However, as the illegal immigrant wound down, the leftist teachers took over, their signs proudly proclaiming their profession.

These educators continued to block the four quiet counter-protestors, even after the screaming illegal moved on.  Still no police appeared. The JDL were on their own.

The crazed illegal, who has meekly addressed crowds at other rallies in the past, was NOT so meek this day. She was irate: “Freedom of speech?? This is OUR rally!!

People in the crowd looked embarassed as they watched the woman insulting the quiet counter-protestors.

Some were able to talk with the counter-protestors, quietly and without confrontation.

Even though they did not agree with them on all points, they were disturbed by the assault on free speech and assembly.

Finally, “The March” began as the peons were giving their orders to line up, screaming “Illegal and UNAFRAID” while stopping often for photos with the pièce de résistance, an electric “DEFEND DACA” sign, all while chanting “This is what COMMUNITY looks like.”

If only the press could see the DACA supporters as irrational instigators, crowd manipulators, and a threat to basic American freedoms. The mainstream press won’t reveal the madness of these crowds of leftists.

The explanation for this apparent madness is that the left — both the scribblers and the shock troops — bear all the characteristics of a mob, as set forth more than a century ago by the father of group-think, French psychologist Gustave Le Bon. No behavior of the left is mysterious if you’ve read Le Bon — or “Demonic.” In The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind, Le Bon observed that the “complete lack of critical spirit” prevents crowds from “perceiving … contradictions. [Ann Coulter- Front Page Magazine]

The Young Turks (TYT Politics) interviewer, Nomiki Konst, is an example of the pre-arranged narrative:

They have forgotten what the contributions of different cultures have meant to various societies. There is the bad, as we have seen from history, and as we see now, but there is also the good. If Caucasians are so bad, then why is one section of the world struggling to empty into the Western lands? Do you see any exodus headed elsewhere? [Facebook]

Excerpts from Nomiki Konst’s report at TYT . No amount of BAD behavior was going to change her pre-ordained conclusion: Illegals GOOD. America BAD.

Still, the anti-facists fascistd do not hide their intentions. They intend to ignore the law and democratic government until they get what they want.

We are a direct action group committed to opposing, disrupting and defeating any government act that threatens democracy, equality and our civil liberties. []

Our cities are in trouble. Can a divided America continue to stand? What are this nation’s obligations to those who hate our laws and history?

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