The Trains Should Run On Time

August 27, 2017

The trains should run on time. Whether conducted by private enterprise or public bureaucracy, the trains should run on time. Lately, the subway’s always late. People’s lives are disrupted. Employees are late for work and late coming home. Kids miss events at day camps and schools. Restaurant reservations get cancelled and movies get missed. People’s lives are spent underground for an unnecessarily long time because of the subway’s incompetent, government-run management. New Yorkers suffer through it. The trains should run on time and yet they do not. All we can do is grumble.

Over three days in August, as Pamela Hall has just documented in the pages of American Rattlesnake, demonstrators clogged midtown Manhattan. They alternatively advocated for the impeachment or assassination of President Trump. They physically assaulted his supporters. They denounced the rule of law over immigration. They demonized white people in general. It is odd that the same people who beat up members of the Jewish Defense League turn around to call Trump a NAZI.

In all this staged outrage, there was not one sign about the mess underground that is fouling up people’s lives and the proper subject of ┬ápublic outrage. Not one complaint that the City of New York, monolithically run by the Democrats, can not get its act together and competently carry out a basic city function. Do not invent rights for foreigners to evade my country’s immigration laws and then encourage them to spurn her history and language. Tell me that the E train is running on time and without delays.

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