Jovial Crowds Demand US Regime Change in Second Day of NYC Protests

August 21, 2017

Monday — August 14, 2017 — NYC

This was the second day of three days of protests. On the first day, a small group of Trump supporters stood their ground against all the haters.

Read more about the jammed crowd demanding death to Trump and democracy.

This day’s “Trump is Killing Us: Mourning Heather Heyer” protest started at 5 PM. (I got there at about 6 pm.)

By then the crush and resistance to clearing the streets was intense. The NYPD recorded announcement — “leave or be arrested” – played over and over to no avail.

What I noticed, as they dug in, were lots of white faces hating on America: dunderheads and anarchists refusing to disperse. There were LOTS of cement barriers.

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I was late to the party because I met up with the Jewish Defense League at Union Square, a counter-protest to the Samidoun Leftie Jews and “Palestinians” who think that the murderess Rasmea Odeh is herself a victim. The JDL’s actions were very effective. American Rattlesnake will feature great pics and videos of this counter-protest soon. Meanwhile, on to day 2 of the anti-fascism fascists.

A funereal protest was announced. Perhaps I missed it, because I was restricted to the 56th to 55th St. block on Fifth Avenue; JAMMED with bodies and signs, malcontents hating and wailing on Trump but…. jovial, considering this INSANE gathering of slumming dilettantes.

Here’s a periscope video, something new for me, but another method to use when needed. This one sheds some light on the sea of people, media and police. What a MESS!

The Facebook announcements — to rally and recruit — seemed to work. There was a ridiculous amount of people jamming the sidewalks. RECRUIT and RE-EDUCATE. I hear it. I see it. “Join us. Tell your friends.” Over and over. RESIST!!

CO-SPONSORS May 14th : Strong Economy for All, New York Communities for Change, Vocal NY, Working Families Party

Donald Trump is coming to NYC to stay at his beloved Trump Tower. But New Yorkers won’t have it.

Trump is killing us. Whether it is by killing our democracy, threatening war on North Korea, targeting our immigrant communities, or wanting to end the policies that allow black and brown people to access higher education.

That’s why we are going to welcome Trump with a funeral procession to highlight all the ways his administration is killing our country.

Dressed all in black, New Yorkers will march from 59th street and 5th Ave to Trump Tower. Feel free to bring candles, pictures, and symbols of the people, beings, and things Trump is killing.

While the Facebook memes kept changing: “Protest Trump and Ideology of Hate at Trump Tower!”, the purpose did not, “Get Trump/Pence OUT of NYC — Out of the White House.”

“Trump is Killing us: Funeral to Welcome Donald Trump to NYC”

“Our thoughts are with those killed and injured in Charlottesville standing up to hatred and racism! This is the ugly face of Trump’s America! There is no apolitical reply to what happened in Charlottesville! You pick a side. Choosing to ignore is a side! Join us at Trump tower! Stand against Trump, White Supremacy, Nazi and ideology of hatred!”

[What’s LOVE got to do with it?]

There is a gameplan to supplant democracy. The “Charlottesville organizers ask you to take these 8 actions” (5 listed below)++

These actions are requested directly from the Black Lives Matter group that is part of our resistance network. [Hate RULES]

#3. Petition the administration at the University of Virginia to publicly denounce white supremacist alumni Richard Spencer and Jason Kessler, revoke their diplomas, and commit to ejecting them from UVA grounds if they ever show their faces there again: Until UVA takes these steps, it is complicit in the violence they engender.

The next four actions are for you to organize locally, in your home communities.

[In other words SPY on your neighbors, your friends, your families. 1984 IS HERE]

#5. Do the research to identify Nazis in your community. Find out who’s doing alt-right or white supremacist agitating, find out where they work, and learn as much as you can about their connections to politicians or police in your town. Use this information to block them from gaining social and political control. Do not allow your community to be a platform for white supremacist fascism.

#6. Organize community defense networks to protect and defend each other now. The only reason why more people weren’t killed in Charlottesville on Saturday is that a wide variety of groups, particularly anarchist and antifa groups, protected each other when the police refused to do so.

#7. Take down all confederate monuments.

#8. And finally, there is a direct connection between white supremacist fascism and everyday white supremacist state policies and practices. Continue to organize to end racial oppression and make reparations, in line with the Vision for Black Lives.

We grieve for Heather. We ache with the Black communities terrorized. We mobilize in memory of the 52% of Charlottesville residents enslaved by the confederacy. We fight for the reparations yet to be made in their name.

Bring your best gifts to this struggle, and fiercely love. (Cross-posted from Daily Kos.)

Game on: Rally. Recruit. Re-Educate (rinse/repeat).

The media war helps shape the memes, dulling the senses, as the soc/commie/prog/fascisti lead the people to the slaughter. (ignorance. bliss. insanity.)  Do you know where you children are?

Day 3 of the hatefest will be published next — the finale of this RESIST Trump/Pence three day event.

Unfortunately, in no way is it The End.

[Pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]

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