Terrorist Supporter Linda Sarsour Welcomed by CUNY Despite Patriotic Protests

June 22, 2017

When City University of New York announced anti-Israel, pro-terrorist activist Linda Sarsour would be delivering the keynote speech at a June 1 graduation ceremony, patriots sprang into action.

Pamela Gellar announced the details:

MAY 25, 2017
12 to 2 pm (rain or shine)

Protest CUNY Keynote Speaker
Pro-Terror Anti-Semite: Linda Sarsour

Protest terror and hate at CUNY– this will not stand.

“The AFDI demo against CUNY’s obscene invitation to pro-terror Jew-hater Linda Sarsour to give their commencement address was a smashing success! With over a thousand people who came out in a downpour of pelting rain on East 42nd Street outside CUNY’s headquarters on to oppose the mainstreaming of evil. It was an amazing event, a turning point, despite Mayor de Blasio’s nefarious attempts to undermine and destroy the rally.” 

Pamela Geller's photo.

The speakers included:
Assemblyman Dov Hikind
Milo Yiannopoulos
Pamela Geller
Nonie Darwish, formerly of Muslims United
John Guandolo, founder of UnderstandingTheThreat.com
David Wood, Acts 17 Apologetics

To begin with, it was raining and raining and RAINING for the whole two hours.  This did not deter anyone from showing up.

[2 photos – Mike Grambush]

Even the press, eager to hear Milo speak, hung around. Milo was the keynote, so he spoke at the end. So the press WAITED. In the RAIN. As did we all.

The dedicated patriots enthusiastically jammed the protest area.  Everyone hung in there — meeting the challenge of rain and the VERY obnoxious leftist noise pollution.

[AFDI screen shot with me in red circle]

No rain was going to stop the patriots.  The rain also failed to stop the leftists. So the police line was long and tight at the stage area.

(3 live podcast screen shots – Tim Pool)

As long as passersby could move through the sidewalk passing their screaming gauntlet, the lefties claimed the right to STAND there, SCREAMING. This is contrary to what demonstrators from the right have been told in the past by the NYPD: which is to keep moving, not standing in one spot.  This has been the supposed rule of law.  In practice, the right follow the rules and obey the police.  The left plays by their own set of rules.

The lefties bullied the system to get their way.  Rules change as the left need them to change. An eclectic group of twenty patriots marched back and forth in front of the lefties, No standing around for them. Protestors for the right included the eccentric Libertarian protestors – PROUD BOYS, a creation of Gavin McInnes

I saw Gavin McInnes enter the stage enclosure from the crowd behind me.  He did not speak, but just hung out at the edge of the stage.  The police didn’t like him offering a can of Pepsi to the protesting morons.

[my 2 screen shots of McInnes (with goatee) arriving and watching from side of the stage]

As for the abuses heaped upon The AFDI Speakers — by the obnoxious left — I heard that the reason we were surrounded and drowned out by the leftists was that the police were sued by the communist – to be allowed to stand wherever they liked.  I could not confirm this alleged lawsuit.

Here is a brief video of the crowd and the noise harassment. Noni Darwish was bravely speaking over the din.

Another source reported that when the police moved the lefties away from the stage, the commies started making phone calls.  I presume these calls went to someone in “Red Bill” DeBlasio’s office, since they were allowed, post-haste, and en masse to return to the staging area where they continued to relentlessly harass the speakers. I understand the officers expressed frustration at this favoritism.

Which is why you will hear the unabated harassment heaped at these brave and dedicated speakers while they gave important and honorable speeches.

Pamela Geller’s opening remarks on why Linda Sarsour should not be the Key Note Speaker. “CUNY COULD have done BETTER”

Milo Yiannopoulos was the final keynote speaker.

Noni Darwish gave an impassioned speech on the dangers of Sharia. She suffered under its rule and left Islam.  Her apostasy only made her detractors louder.

David Wood is a respected scholar on Islam and Sharia.  He spoke of the dangers of leaving Islam — the sharia fatwas — and the dangers for everyone to live — forced — under sharia.

John Guandolo – Ex FBI agent addressed the lies we in the so- called enlightened West are taught about Islam and Sharia. He also spoke about what we can do about those lies.

Dov Hikind  (D) N.Y. State Assemblyman

Pamela Gellar summed things up well:

CUNY has invited a pro-terror, pro-sharia anti-semite to give the keynote commencement address.  And they will not reconsider. Universities have dis-invited Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Nonie Darwish, Ann Coulter, Milo, legions of conservative thinkers and voices in defense of freedom, but a vicious, pro-sharia, Jew-hater they will defend to the death and that is it right there. They fear jihad. They fear Islamic supremacists. They know no harm with come to them if they smear, defame, libel or cancel us. They know we don’t destroy, maim, behead like Sarsour supporters and their violent running dogs on the left.

On June 1, Sharia advocate Linda Sarsour will be giving the graduate commencement speech at the City University of New York. While no one who believes in freedom of speech would object to Linda’s right to speak at a university, a graduate commencement address is a completely different story. The graduate commencement speaker is chosen by the university for the students’ final “send off.” Couldn’t CUNY find someone besides a Sharia advocate to speak at a celebration for students and their families?

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch calls on Americans to protest:

Some people are responding by insisting that Linda Sarsour should be allowed to speak on college campuses. It seems they’ve missed the point entirely.  No one is saying that Linda shouldn’t be allowed to speak at CUNY. (Robert even challenges her to a debate.) The protest is about Linda being the COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER for the graduation.  The commencement speaker is the university’s choice for who gives the final “send off” for the graduates.  CUNY chose a Sharia proponent for the final send off. That’s what’s being protested. CUNY is trying to ram Sharia down students’ and parents’ throat.

Despite the many patriotic pleas, CUNY went ahead with its plans to honor Sarsour.

Here’s what happened on the afternoon of June 1 in Harlem, outside the famed Apollo Theatre.

Inside, the CUNY graduation ceremony began at 5 PM. Meanwhile, starting at 3 PM there was much activity outside as the attendees gathered, waiting to go in.

Ignoring the many #NoToSarsour protests, Linda Sarsour’s CUNY keynote address was happening anyway.

Two dedicated protestors walked back and forth in front of the Apollo; engaging the crowd and informing them why an anti-semitic, Hamas-supporting, sharia-loving woman, Linda Sarsour, should NOT be the keynote role-model for these (or any) grads.

For approximately 45 minutes it was just two patriots explaining with the facts regarding their protest and they spoke to many supportive people.

There were encouraging responses, particularly from black men.  Some had been at the AFDI #NoToSarsour protest the previous Thursday.

One fellow joined the two  #NoToSarsour protestors for what seemed to be his lunch break as he sat, sign-in-hand and ate his lunch in front of the attendees.

Part 1 video. A brief look at the two protestors outside the Apollo

After a firestorm of protests leading up to June 1, CUNY held firm, claiming to support all types of speakers, even controversial ones; a disingenuous defense for choosing Sarsour and ignoring the FACTS about why she was a poor choice.

CUNY has an agenda: to make SHARIA law acceptable to the masses.  Therefore Linda Sarsour, self-proclaimed sharia-loving “feminist” MUST remain their keynote speaker.

Sadly, those graduating were pawns in the agitprop game of the leftists-in-charge, who snarkily took over the sidewalk and lobbied the police to remove the two CUNY protestors. The feminazi lesbian brigade was particularly confrontational with the female protestor.

The majordomo lesbian lobbied the police “white shirts” oh-so-sweetly, getting NYPD to briefly do her bidding. “Make those two racist protestors go far, far away… pretty please?”

The police attempted to keep the two protestors away and out of sight from the domineering leftists who were “front and center” by the line of attendees.

No standing. anywhere. Only walking. No TALKING to passersby.” Then it was, “You can’t WALK back and forth in front of the crowd.”

Of course, the rules were re-written to protect the left, but with quiet resistance the two Sarsour protestors politely persevered, continuing to walk the gauntlet of  leftists and grad attendees unscathed.

NONE of these attempts at new rules were applied to the sidewalk-glut created by the banner-brigade peace grandmas.

They stopped, talked, “fumbled” with their banner, and handed out flowers.

They stood in the center of the sidewalk and sat on little chairs with their signs demanding an end to Islamophobia and police violence.

The NYPD handled them well…

…nicely, politely, and with a respect they didn’t deserve…

…with their rudely offensive signs.

Finally, some of the leftist protestors went inside a pen where their signs and banners were very visible for the grad attendees.

As long as those two pesky anti-Sarsour protestors were kept FAR AWAY, the lefties were content, peace flowers in hand, to freely walk, talk and engage the passersby.

Honoring their “creed”: NO competition of thought allowed.

Flickr Slide show of both sides outside the Apollo


One Raging Grandma (for Peace) — waved her Freedom Socialist rag of a “newspaper” in my face while calling ME a Nazi.

Perhaps this was a FEMINIST lead support group for Sarsour since it was comprised of the feminazis, peace-grandmas and lesbians. Helping me come to this perspective was one of their photographers, Joan L  Roth. She seems to be a part of their group at large.

I found it interesting that Roth’s work promotes Jewish women — a world wide commitment.  Is Roth blind to the dangers of Islam that endangers the Jewish people and women, and homosexuals all over the world?

Roth writes:

I went to Kiev in 1991 because it was the 50th anniversary of Babi Yar. For a long time, Jews weren’t even allowed to visit the site. This was the first time that the government allowed an official memorial service.

Thousands of Jews, a huge sea of people carrying candles and flowers, all walked from the train station to Babi Yar—the same route as half a century ago. There was a blown-up photo at the site, of naked women. It never occurred to me that you had to take your clothes off to be shot. I’ve never been able to get that photo out of my mind.

Everyone there had a mother, a father, a grandparent or some relative who was murdered at Babi Yar. This woman was a survivor, one of only four or five. She was thrown into the canyon as a child, and somehow crawled out. She crawled to the house of non-Jews she knew. Here she poses with these non-Jews, brother and sister; she
was brought up with them. The three of them are together a lot. They were moved that I thought it was important to photograph them—so they’re crying. Still in pain after all these years.

After I visited Babi Yar, I went to synagogue in Kiev. That’s where I started this kind of prayer I say — to my grandfather, to God — thanking my grandfather for having had the courage to leave Russia. My aunt used to tell me how beautiful Kiev was, the cherry blossoms in spring. She used to say, “If I had stayed, it would have been so easy for me to become a doctor,” and I used to think, “What are you talking about, you’d be dead.”

So, on this day, HOW can Sharia Law not be a source of emotional and intellectual conflict for any feminist’s sensibilities?

Also, joining them were the do-gooder, self-hating “Jews for Islam” aka Jewish Voice For Peace and the ridiculous feminazis.

A very familiar face was “Rabbi” Michael Feinberg –  passing out peace flowers. Feinberg is a dedicated hardcore UNION leftist who gives no quarter to any position that threatens his do-gooder-ism. There is no illegal sanctuary, anti-police, or pro-Islam cause that he and his comrades-in-arms do not support.


They live to protest all things good and decent, under the guise of decency.

By 5 pm all the graduation attendeees were inside. CUNY prevailed.  The ceremony was on course.  Sarsour gave her livestreamed keynote speech with sharia law unsullied.

I hope the attendees who told us they planned on standing and turning their backs on her were successful.  BUT, OF COURSE, WE WILL NEVER KNOW, because the MSM will NEVER let that be the story-of-record.

Still, two stalwart protestors proved again that, even in small numbers, you CAN make a difference.  For a couple of hours they made a crack in the left’s blackout on the TRUTH.

As for the report on the keynote address, I found some research links that revealed Sarsour was color co-ordinated with everyone, including the lights – the venue – a lovely rich blue dominated the scene.

More reports on the keynote offensive from:


Pamela Geller

Gateway Pundit

Jewish Week. Times of Israel

After her speech, lest we forget it was Ramadan, Sarsour went back to midtown, outside Trump Tower to pray Iftar on Fifth Avenue.

Why bother with a mosque when you can kneel and crying to Mecca on the streets of Manhattan.  The “liberals” that run Manhattan were there SUPPORTING (and protecting) this foolishness.

[Where designated, pictures and videos property of Pamela Hall]

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