The U.S. Wages War On Syria

April 6, 2017

Update: A non-interventionist weighs in

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

A few questions which should have been answered before tonight’s missile strikes. 

Politics makes for strange bedfellows

In deed, if nothing else. The Telegraph is covering the airstrikes against the Assad regime and their aftermath live. For an inkling of how complex this conflict is, I would suggest looking over this map of the Syrian Civil War, which illustrates the murky waters we are delving into as a nation. For what it’s worth, we have been militarily involved in Syria for over two and a half years, most recently attempting to separate Kurdish militias from the Turkish military. Turkey, it should be noted, is the nation asserting that the Syrian regime used sarin gas in the gruesome chemical attack which took place in Idlib province on April 4th.

Where this will lead is anyone’s guess.

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