The Surveillance State Arrives

December 6, 2016

This past month has been filled with such a glut of information that it’s no surprise some items slipped past ¬†an already news-saturated public. Unfortunately, one event which deserves more scrutiny is the United Kingdom’s decision to enact one of the most draconian invasions of privacy and restrictions of personal liberty in recent memory. The Investigatory Powers Act has a plethora of horrible features, including but not limited to a ban on end-to-end encryption technology, the creation of a criminal offense for unlawfully accessing Internet data, and investing numerous intelligence, police, and government bureaucracies with the ability to see Internet connection records without a warrant.

The video produced by Black Pigeon Speaks is a good primer on this abominable piece of legislation, and I recommend watching it to get a better idea of what awaits the people of the United Kingdom. A nation where you can already be arrested for thought crime. Prepare for the Panopticon. Coming to a nation near you.


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