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December 4, 2016

Author: Franz Johann Morgenbesser from Vienna, Austria

Update: Kraut and Tea explains how Austria got here, and offers another possible explanation for Hofer’s loss. 

Renzi resigns

Landslide rejection. You can view the live results here. 

Exit polls, for what they’re worth, suggest the Italian constitutional referendum is headed towards defeat. 

In a depressing sign for the future, women voted for the Van der Bellen to the tune of 60%. 

Norbert Hofer has conceded defeat. It looks like Austria will be led, nominally, at least, by the far-left Green Party. 

The people of Italy, as well as their Austrian neighbors, make a momentous decision this week which will impact the future of Europe. While Italian voters will decide whether to invest their unelected, Europhile president with even more power, Austrians will decide whether they should elect someone who wants to preserve their heritage. Like the forces arrayed against Brexit and Donald Trump, those opposing the sovereignty of European nations are pouring everything they have into cementing the status quo.

To understand why these battles are so important, you need only look at some of the latest headlines to come out of Europe. One news story, in particular, is worth examining. The brutal rape and murder of an EU official’s daughter-who also helped care for displaced migrants-illustrates the extreme form of masochism embraced by the current European ruling class. The people who control Europe are willing to let their own children be sacrificed in order to maintain their increasingly untenable ideology.

This young woman’s death was a direct result of Europe’s failed experiment in multiculturalism, and she is far from the only victim. In fact, she’s not even the first idealistic European refugee worker to be murdered by one of these desperate migrants. This is a story that we will have to read over and over again unless and until Europeans assert their sovereignty and reclaim their birthright. It’s not the white man’s burden to save the third world any more than it’s his burden to intervene in endless sectarian conflicts in the Middle East which cause this unwanted exodus.




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