D Day

November 8, 2016


After over a year of campaigning, countless campaign ads, and several groan-inducing paeans to Hillary Clinton by post-punk rock bands, we’ve arrived at the moment of truth. The day when all of the bickering over polling averages will be rendered moot and we will see who America, in its infinite wisdom, has selected to lead her for the next 4 years. Although we’ve highlighted the perspective of conscientious non-voters in the past, we’re well aware that anywhere from 57 to 64% of eligible voters will participate in Election Day 2016, to say nothing of the millions of voters who might have already decided who wins. If current polling is to be trusted, then it will have proven this City Lab article from earlier this year exploring the Democrats demographic advantages correct. Even if it’s not, the problems facing the Republican Party in the future won’t decrease in the years ahead. 

Although predicting the future is a notoriously tricky business, it’s hard to imagine an ethical Clinton administration. Perhaps because the last one left so much to be desired in the way of scrupulous adherence to the law. It’s worth noting that the late Janet Reno-whose chief accomplishment as head of the Department of Justice was the deliberate incineration of over 70 American citizens-attained her position as Attorney General at the behest of Hillary Clinton, whose brother was a colleague while working for the Dade County Public Defender’s office. Something to ponder as you head off to cast your ballot later today.

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