Catch The Zeitgeist

November 13, 2016

I’m sure our followers are starting to tire of winning-or, at the very least, want to take a leisurely break-so we thought we’d present a fascinating philosophical debate completely unrelated to this past week’s presidential election. The Zeitgeist movement-as best as I can surmise from this debate-is a strange mixture of anarcho-syndicalism, techno-Marxism, earth worship, and a quasi-religious denial of the economic concept of scarcity. It also seems to be constructed upon a baffling edifice of contradictions. At one point, the opponents of the resolution assured the audience that their proposed solutions involved no coercion, then insisted that every society involves the use of coercion, then proclaimed that no coercion was necessary in a Zeitgeist civilization!

If this all seems like delusional, incoherent gibberish to you, then we’re in agreement. However, I’ll let you watch the debate and decide for yourselves.

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