The Sword Of Damocles (Will Hillary Be Indicted?)

June 10, 2016


Expanding upon yesterday’s post, it should be noted that there were several subjects covered during Michael Mukasey’s talk, particularly the question and answer session that followed, which had little to do with our government’s malfeasance in combating international and domestic Islamic terrorism. One topic of keen interest was the ongoing FBI criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server, which continues to yield unpleasant discoveries for the presumptive Democratic nominee. The most surprising moment during the Q&A session occurred when Judge Mukasey not only vouched for the integrity of Director James Comey-who has been widely praised across the political aisle-but asserted that there would be mass resignations from career FBI officials if the result of this investigation was not an indictment of the former Secretary of State and FLOTUS.

The decision of Barack Obama to meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch immediately upon endorsing Clinton’s candidacy does not auger well for a non-political decision in this investigation. Neither does the fact that the Obama Justice Department is marinated in corruption, and has been unable to impartially administer the law since the days of Eric Holder, Judge Mukasey’s successor at DOJ. That said, if there is a wave of principled resignations within the Department of Justice this fall, a la the Saturday Night Massacre, remember where you heard it first.

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