Executive Overreach (Intelligence Squared Debate)

June 8, 2016

Seal of the White House Office of Homeland Security, which was formed by executive order on October 8, 2001, and later grew into the United States Department of Homeland Security. Extracted from archived version of White House State and Local actions for Homeland Security report. Author: U.S. Government

The threat of an imperial presidency constantly looms within the American psyche, especially now that the ability of the federal government to intrude into our personal lives appears to be unlimited. However, this administration’s exploitation of its explicit powers-and arrogation of powers it was never granted under our Constitutional framework-is unprecedented in the context of the post-Cold War Era. From usurping Congress’s power of the purse, to investing himself with the authority to kill American citizens overseas, to deploying American special forces to nations with which we’re not at war-an action which Congress explicitly rejected-to expanding the surveillance state in previously unimaginable ways, Barack Obama has created an executive branch which would make Richard Nixon, the bête noire of bien pensant liberals, blush. 

The most egregious example of this President’s contempt for separation of powers is its decision to make immigration policy in defiance of congressional will and legal/constitutional precedents. The Morton Memo, DACA, DAPA, and the  granting of privileges to a broad class of illegal aliens even after his policies had been enjoined by a federal judge are the manifestations of Barack Obama’s general disregard for his co-equal branches of government. With yet another critical Supreme Court decision addressing these abuses of power at hand, it’s imperative that we have a vigorous national discussion over the President’s authority. Intelligence Squared U.S. is facilitating that discussion by holding a debate later tonight over this very issue.

You can watch a live stream of the debate on their website, which also provides a handy overview of the subject. I would urge everyone concerned about this momentous issue to do so.



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