Days of Rage (Anti-Trump Rally In Manhattan)

April 3, 2016

 Donald Trump speaking at CPAC in Washington D.C. on February 10, 2011. Author: Gage Skidmore

Although this election cycle has been extremely entertaining-at least, for those of us with a Menckenian distaste for popular democracy-it has also been disturbing in a number of ways. The prospect of electing a politician facing down her second indictment in as many decades-and make no mistake, despite her manifold flaws as a candidate and individual she is the presumptive POTUS at this point-is deeply troubling. However, even more disconcerting is the widespread public indifference to the activist left’s decision to completely decouple itself from reality, to the point of summoning law enforcement because of its displeasure with chalkings expressing support for a specific presidential candidate

For what it’s worth, I have difficulty believing that these poor naifs-or the bolder critics who’ve chosen the route of attempted assault-would be more amenable to a less conspicuously vulgar, or significantly more articulate, Republican candidate. In fact, it’s worth remembering the campaign of ostracism experienced by two of Ted Cruz’s donors for defying the prevailing political wisdom within the gay community. The truth is that the protestors you see disrupting rallies-including those of Bernie Sanders-are an accurate, if not complete, representation of the Democratic left within this country in the year 2016. 

Our good friend Pamela Hall has a small sampling of their works on her site, The Silent Majority No More,which I would urge you all to check out, if only to get a sense of what to expect this summer.

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