Jeb’s Last Rodeo?

February 20, 2016



Update: Post-caucus analysis by the BBC. As predicted, Jeb is out. Epic failure. Trump wins. 

The returns are starting to roll in.

Whether or not it’s simply a matter of wishful thinking on the part of Rubio supporters, the rumors of a Bush withdrawal¬†continue to percolate. The fact that he’s been forced to rely upon his brother-former President George W. Bush-in order to inject life into his flagging campaign is an indication of the desperation plaguing Jeb’s presidential effort, to say nothing of the astronomical burn rate his heretofore unsuccessful bid has achieved. It remains to be seen whether South Carolina will mark a turning point in this race, but my suspicion is that neither Barbara nor Dubya will be able to salvage an essentially doomed campaign.

You can follow live coverage of both the South Carolina primary and the Nevada Caucuses here. This website, naturally, will provide post-election analysis in the days ahead.

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