Guns Blazing

January 6, 2016


This administration’s strange means of implementing legislation, i.e. enacting it through administrative edicts which bypass the opposition of Congress, is not limited to immigration matters. The recent rules enacted by Barack Obama regarding gun sales are merely an extension of the distinctly unilateral policymaking which has been a hallmark of his presidency. Although, as Charles Cooke notes, the practical impact of this decision will be minimal, it does highlight the disturbing tendency of this White House to conflate its will with the will of the people, regardless of any political, legal, or Constitutional obstacles this approach poses.

It also demonstrates the futility, in some respects, of voting for Republican candidates for high office. As a reminder, here are the 10 Republican members of the U.S. Senate who voted for Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who will presumably be tasked with enforcing these new regulations. Here’s a link to an article explaining the ATF’s guidance on these rules, which-as the author points out-is either futile or unlawful. Unfortunately, that will serve as a fitting epitaph for this administration in the years to come.





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