Get Out Of Jail Free

December 26, 2015


The impending year brings with it the possibility of change. However, don’t expect much to change in the policy priorities of this administration, which continues to find new ways to nullify what remains of this country’s immigration laws. New deportation figures released by the inaptly named Department of Homeland Security demonstrate that the odds of an illegal alien being forcibly removed from this country remain virtually nil. You can read the story for yourself, but it merely gives concrete, statistical proof  to something we’ve known for many years. This White House has contempt for the security and aspirations of American citizens.

As the invaluable Mark Krikorian described in a prescient book published 5 years ago, Barack Obama views immigration through the lens of the fundamental and irrevocable transformation of the United States. The law and the Constitution are mere impediments to be overcome when you have an ideological crusade to achieve. In this case, the erasure of any borders that separate this country from the rest of the teeming planet. Look for more of the same, alas, in the year ahead.

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