Crossing Borders

December 8, 2015

 Author: David Osborn (aeroprints)

For those of you who are still wondering why the issue of who we admit to the United States from abroad is so controversial these days, I would recommend reading this story about a little incident which occurred on an international flight this weekend. The nationality of the failed Shaheed is unclear, but something tells me that-like Syed Farook-he was a beneficiary of our country’s increasing hospitality towards the developing world.

And while the cadres of the Islamic State no doubt want to keep most of their tax-paying slaves within ISIS-controlled territory-if for no other reason than to bolster their finances-the idea that they aren’t simultaneously attempting to insert future martyrs into the stream of refugees flooding into Europe, Canada and the United States is patently absurd. Indeed, no less than the head of the House’s Homeland Security Committee has affirmed that this is part of their strategy.

So while the President’s decision to exercise greater scrutiny over certain visa programs-once he’s alerted to their existence-is worthy of a golf clap, it’s a bit misguided, given the parlous state of our systems of immigration enforcement. Or non-enforcement, as the case increasingly seems to be.

Oh well. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, after all. Let’s hope there are still some of us with feet by the time our government starts exercising some prudence in whom it allows onto American soil.

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