The Vision of the Anointed (Stand With Dr. Swain!)

November 25, 2015

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Some of you might be familiar with Professor Carol Swain, an unapologetic patriot and defender of truth within a bitterly hostile environment. We’ve profiled her great work in the past; now the Vanderbilt political science and law professor faces an unprecedented challenge from the same Maoist brigades which have been wreaking havoc across the nation’s college campuses. Naturally, the loathsome eunuchs who constitute the administration of her university haveĀ encouraged the rabble in their demands to have her speech squelched, sanctioning an attack upon one of the few non-Marxist professors willing to engage in public debate.

Of course, these people are not willing to countenance any debate, which is why they need to be challenged at every opportunity. There’s now an online petition where you can register your support for Professor Swain, as well as the besieged ideas which lie at the heart of academic inquiry. I urge anyone with a spare moment to review and sign the petition, if only to signal your allegiance with those defenders of academic freedom and classical liberalism. The closing of the American mind is upon us, and we need to fight it to our last breath.


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