The Coverup Continues (Fast and Furious)

September 5, 2015


For those who believed the departure of Eric Holder from the national spotlight would be put an end to troublesome questions about Fast and Furious-and the obstruction of justice and abuse of power its failure unleashed-I have some bad news for you. The trial of several members of a Mexican rip crew for the death of Agent Brian Terry has reignited the discussion over how BATF-supplied weaponry made it into the hands of vicious Mexican criminals. Naturally, the federal prosecutors of these Mexican mobsters want to suppress any questioning and evidence that implicates the criminals who worked for the Obama administration, who are the chief culprits in the death of Brian Terry-to say nothing of the hundreds of Mexicans and Central Americans who may have lost their lives as a result of this debacle.

Whether or not they succeed in their ignoble quest remains to be seen. However, justice demands that the full truth of Agent Terry’s death-including the responsibility of those sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution and protect the lives of American citizens-be ┬árevealed. Let’s hope this case helps speed it along.

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