American Labor

September 9, 2015

: Illustration of the first American Labor parade held in New York City on September 5, 1882 as it appeared in Frank Leslie's Weekly Illustrated Newspaper's September 16, 1882 issue.

Even as the nation honored working men and women this past weekend, millions of Americans searched fruitlessly for gainful employment. The sad truth is that American citizens have very little to celebrate, as both the number of Americans working and the percentage of the workforce that is American continues to decline. Zero Hedge has an illuminating post illustrating just how difficult it is for native-born Americans to utilize their innate and acquired talents and skills, supported by data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The policies pursued by the current leaders of organized labor is one of the main reasons that Americans seeking jobs are finding it so difficult to attain a foothold on the ladder towards upward mobility.

The profound shift of the American labor movement, which now finds itself aligned with its ostensible enemies in the corporate world in their bid for perpetually open borders, is one of the sad ironies we need to observe on this Labor Day. Perhaps there will one day be a grassroots movement to replace the unrepresentative leaders selling their members-and would-be members-down the river in order to enrich themselves and enhance their own power. Maybe then we will have a holiday truly worth celebrating.

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