The End Of An Era

July 1, 2015


Last month saw the passing of one of the lions of California politics. An overused cliche, in this case it’s completely appropriate. Senator Richard Mountjoy represented a set of values that have gradually but inexorably been erased from that state’s political landscape. The man behind Proposition 187, the Save our State initiative, he fought tirelessly for the security and welfare of American citizens, as well as a competitive, two party state-something that has receded into distant memory. The current governor is the antithesis of the late senator, and has ushered in a series of laws that undo whatever remaining restraints exist upon unfettered illegal immigration into the state of California. The sad truth is that the legacy of Dick Mountjoy will not have the physical imprint left by that of his opponents. People who have deliberately dismantled a once great state in order to cement their hold on power.

It’s shameful, but a fact of life nonetheless. Rest in Peace, Mr. Mountjoy.



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