Action Alert (Pro-Amnesty March At The End of June)

June 15, 2014
From Joanna Marzullo, founder and president of New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement, comes word of an upcoming pro-amnesty rally slated to take place in lower Manhattan. Chances are this one will ape open borders outbursts of years past.
The details can be found after the jump! 
Hi, NY ICers,
NY ICE will be countering a pro-illegal alien demonstration on Saturday, June 28th at noon.  The details are below. 
This is likely to be a fairly typical one, with their standard rhetoric and emphasis on their families, and making themselves out to be victims.  At their demonstrations at that location in the past, they have formed a human chain, often blocking traffic to do so.  So, expect something similar at this one.
In terms of our sound bites, please try to emphasize how destructive all this illegal mass migration is to our families.  “Families” is a KEY WORD, a BUZZ WORD, and we have to reclaim it and strategize using that word.
I like to say, “Their ‘better life’ is costing me mine.  Their ‘better life’ comes at a cost to my family.”
WHAT:  NY ICE Counter Demonstration
WHEN:  June 28th, 2014 (Saturday) at 12 noon
WHERE:  26 Federal Plaza in Manhattan
BRING:  Prepared Sound Bites, Signs, Cameras

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