Media Manipulation

February 19, 2014


Picture of Mickey Kaus, a Democratic candidate for the U.S. senate in California. Author: Stephen Kaus.

One of the chief conceits of the open borders lobby is the assumption-regardless of any contradictory evidence-that a majority of Americans want to naturalize tens of millions of illegal aliens, provided they agree to pay some negligible fine and mouth a few pro forma statements expressing contrition. The fact that virtually no one-save the ethnic grievance industry, corporate lobbyists and members of the political class-actually desires immigration reform, a.k.a. amnesty, is all but an irrelevancy to their moral preening of those who view the American public with contempt.

That’s why we need people like intrepid blogger/journalist Mickey Kaus, who so often punctures the media-created myths upon which bad immigration policy is built. His most recent tour de force is a devastating analysis of yet another poll the drive-by media is utilizing in order to foist amnesty upon an unwilling electorate. Read it for yourself, courtesy of Numbers USA.




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