Vote For Change (New Jersey Senate Election)

October 15, 2013

 Steve Lonegan at Philadelphia Tea Party rally. June 3, 2009

Tomorrow’s special election in New Jersey presents a unique opportunity to voters of the Garden State. They have the chance to vote for a conservative libertarian who is not an open borders apologist. The polar opposite of the typical milquetoast, New Jersey Republican, a la Christine Todd Whitman, Lonegan’s record of  concrete accomplishments stands in stark contrast to not only the policies espoused by the enfeebled New Jersey GOP, but to the illusion of leadership presented by his opponent.

We don’t think it necessary to remind our readers in New Jersey to take advantage of this opportunity. Most of you are probably aware of the defects of Cory Booker, chief among them an attitude of contempt for the lives of Americans living in his city, and welcome the opportunity to reject the concept of sanctuary cities in a prominent, national election. That said, those of you who need to find out where your polling place is located can use New Jersey’s Board of Elections website.

It’s time to truly change the way Washington D.C. works, and tomorrow’s election is a great place to start.

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