The Legacy Media Falls Down On The Job Again

October 8, 2013
By May 5th 2006. Taken from Wikipedia. Original Uploader: Cesarbojorquez

As we noted in our last action alert, the open borders mob decided to mobilize this past weekend in hopes of reenergizing its crusade to abolish the last remnants of American immigration enforcement. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the sparsely attended demonstrations failed to capture the full attention of a news media intent upon crafting their own government shutdown metanarrative. Luckily, Brenda Walker went to the trouble of documenting the meager coverage local news outlets did devote to the latest pro-amnesty  agitprop. It should come as no surprise that this reportage was lacking in honesty and accuracy. After all, coverage of the stealth congressional plan to enact amnesty has been equally slipshod. 

When it comes to reporting honestly and accurately on immigration, the fourth estate has been AWOL for quite some time. 




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