Knowledge Is Power

October 22, 2013

Now that the worrisome Beltway angst over the debt ceiling and government shutdown has subsided, it’s time to focus on the President’s chief goal for the remainder of his term. Namely, legalizing and enfranchising tens of millions of illegal aliens. It’s quite remarkable how determined the open borders left-as well as its allies in the corporate world-is to enact a piece of legislation which has been repeatedly rejected by both Congress and the American public. 

One of the most cogent, meticulous refutations of the anti-enforcement mindset animating the Gang of Eight was written by Daniel Horowitz, a prominent blogger for Red State, during the initial Senate debate on this atrocious bill. Joseph Cotto provides an edifying summary of Horowitz’s work in Washington Times Communities, but I urge you to parse the original source.  

Whether Mr. Horowitz will be remembered as this debate’s Cassandra or will provide the impetus for the last great counterattack that thwarts the imposition of amnesty remains to be seen. However, as American citizens we  need to avail ourselves of the information at our fingertips and not allow ourselves to be led, once again, up the garden path.

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