The DREAM Factory

July 28, 2013

 The Hollywood Sign, shot from an aircraft at about 1,500' MSL. July 25, 2009 Author: Jelson25

This film sounds so delightfully atrocious that we’re moderately interested in seeing just how bad the final product is, should it come to fruition. Much like La Misma Luna, the protagonist of this feature is a beleaguered yet ambitious DREAMer. Who better to tug on the heart strings of credulous cineastes as Congress attempts to bypass widespread public opposition to its latest attempt at unraveling immigration enforcement than the traditional stalking horse for amnesty? We’re still waiting for the day when Hollywood ¬†will dramatize the biography of a bright young student-athlete murdered in cold blood right in its backyard by one of those poor, young “undocumented” migrants hiding in the shadows.

Don’t hold your breath.


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