Shining A Light

July 6, 2013


In between its Fourth of July break and its month-long recess in August, the unyielding worker bees in Congress will try to shepherd one of the most ill-conceived, potentially disastrous pieces of legislation into law. I’m speaking, of course, about the Gang of Eight travesty. During the Senate’s abbreviated debate on the bill there was almost no discussion of the victims of our government’s open borders policies, despite the fact that a dozen Americans die every single day at the hands of illegal aliens.

That’s why Jamiel Shaw’s interview with The Blaze is essential viewing. Americans need to see for the themselves the horrific consequences of our government’s decision to give aid and succor to criminal aliens. As difficult as it is to listen to these stories, they must be told. We need to make our purported representatives realize that they serve at our behest, not the special interests representing criminals and scofflaws. I urge you to watch Jamiel Shaw Sr. explain in his own words how his government has failed his family, and the families of thousands of others who have been victimized by illegal aliens who’ve been given sanctuary.

There is no sanctuary for the families of those Americans whose lives have ended prematurely because of our government’s criminal irresponsibility.

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