NY ICE Standing Up For American Workers

July 24, 2013


Members of NY ICE at the DC March for Jobs


The breadth of support enjoyed by BALA in its March for Jobs and equitable treatment of American workers can be seen in the lengths to which so many patriotic citizens traveled in order to attend this rally. From South Central  Los Angeles to the tip of New England, angry Americans of divergent ideologies and different races joined hands in order to stand up for the besieged workers of this nation.

One group represented was the indefatigable New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement, whose members can be seen marching towards Freedom Plaza in the photo above. Joanna Marzullo, President of NY ICE, gives her impression of the rally below the fold.

July 15, 2013, Washington, DC.  NY ICE Members joined national groups and individuals opposed to amnesty for those illegally in the U.S. at the DC March for Jobs.  This video is from the event.  The video is 2 minutes long and very inspiring and worthwhile.  

Particularly noteworthy in the video is Steve King’s statement, when referring to the extreme heat on that day, that “I think it’s altogether fitting and proper that we should sweat here today as we stand up for the American worker”.

The emphasis of this march was on the detriment of the illegal alien stampede to the American worker, and it was organized by black Americans. Black Americans were there to say that illegals undercut the wages of jobs that have often employed the black American worker, stealing jobs from the black American worker and their families.

But illegals only want to frame their story in terms of their families, and never mention the harm the net drain of their illegal alien presence does the black American (or any other American!) family.  They never concede that the U.S. is supposed to be a sovereign country.

NY ICE has long maintained that there are no jobs that Americans won’t do, only wages that Americans will not work for.  When illegal aliens trespass into the U.S. and illegally obtain jobs (let us not forget that it is illegal for an illegal alien trespasser to even have a job, as well as it is illegal for the employer to hire them), they undercut the wages for those jobs.  Illegals are often working in the cash economy, so employers can often pay them whatever they want, and this, of course, is unreported and untaxed income.  

This is an amenable situation for the illegal alien because they are often sending the money back to their home countries, where the American dollar goes further, and many plan to “live like kings” upon their return.  

Illegal alien trespassers have no sympathy for the American and legal immigrant families that they are undercutting and the U.S. resources that they are draining.

Americans owe illegal aliens nothing.

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