A Nation Of Fallacies

June 26, 2013

There are many frustrating aspects of the Gang of Eight amnesty  currently wending its way through Congress. The truncated amendment process, circumscribed debate, and monstrous size of the bill itself-similar in scope to the Obama health care bill so many Republicans purportedly detest-are merely a few of the substantive objections that can be raised against S.744. 

However, what has truly pained me is the historical amnesia that afflicts so many supporters of the latest bid to naturalize-and subsequently enfranchise- millions of illegal aliens. Not content merely to regurgitate the traditional platitudes of open borders advocates, they’ve tried to construct a narrative whereby we-as Americans-owe the people who have broken the law-in many cases, multiple laws-in order to exploit our country’s munificence. Typical is the obtuse-even by the standards of the Old Gray Lady-screed by Charles Blow which compares illegal aliens favorably to Americans who supported Great Britain during the American Revolution. 

The idea that those who have such an attenuated relationship with the body politic that they feel no obligation to obey its laws should determine its future is precisely the problem. We need to rediscover the historical roots of America, which begins with rejecting this bill.


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