Valuing Americans

April 7, 2013

As we have discussed in this space numerous times, Michael Cutler has a world view of immigration enforcement that-unlike the schemers in the Gang of Eight or open borders fetishists-is grounded in reality. Specifically, decades spent protecting American citizens from the dangers posed by foreign agents and criminal aliens. That’s why we feel compelled to highlight the vital testimony he delivered before the Senate Judiciary Committee last month warning of precisely these threats, which will mushroom in the wake of any comprehensive amnesty enacted by Congress. Read it for yourself, including the poignant statements quoted from the 9/11 Commission Report which explained how pan-Islamic terrorists-including prominent members of the first World Trade Center bombing plot-benefited from previous amnesties.

As the great Spanish philosopher and writer George Santayana once wrote, Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

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