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Hit The Road (Pro-Amnesty Rally in D.C.)

From Joanna Marzullo, of NY ICE, comes word of a pro-amnesty march in the nation’s capital which NY ICE members will be protesting. If you’re interested in attending, please send us an e-mail using the information in our “Contact Us” page and we will e-mail you more detailed information on the planned counter-demonstration. The...
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Muzzling Dissent

  A habitual tendency of the open borders left, the left in general, is to suppress-or attempt to, at the very least-opinions and ideas which contradict its dogma. Not content with an Orwellian manipulation of the language in order to achieve its ideological goals, it seeks to stamp out any effort at engendering legitimate...
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Congress Is Serving American Interests

April Fools!
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