Earth Day 2013

April 22, 2013

The official logo of the Earth Day 20 International Peace Climb has a white peace dove superimposed over the Earth Week 20 logo along with the flags of the US, China and Russia and the title of the climb printed in the English, Chinese and Russian. Author: Peter54321 )

I think it’s appropriate on this occasion to highlight the damage open borders advocates-and the beneficiaries of the lax immigration policies they’ve imposed upon America-have wreaked upon Mother Earth. To that end, here is the essay that was published on Earth Day two years ago, which describes how some of the “greenest” individuals are, in fact, simply the most hypocritical. 

National parks, or human landfills? You make the call! Something tells me Ken Burns won’t be making a followup documentary about this subject. Even so, it’s something ponder as you listen to the platitudinous slogans and watch the ritualistic paeans to environmentalism by corporate entities that have only exacerbated this problem through their endless quest for cheap, non-American labor. Maybe being greener simply means being more aware of  how the government administers our nation’s immigration system. 


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