November 13, 2012

I would like to personally thank everyone who has donated money, goods or time to the relief effort taking place throughout New York City and New Jersey due to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy. I’ve had several friends-including those that have been impacted directly-who have decided to contribute to this monumental task in one way or another. For those of you haven’t already done so, I’m going to use this update to connect you with some important organizations, businesses and individuals who are trying to relay information about the recovery taking place in the neighborhoods and towns impacted by Sandy.

Staten Island Relief is a project created by Christian Downer in order to highlight the devastation this natural disaster brought to Foxbeach Avenue, which-even in a community visited by unprecedented tragedy-experienced irreparable losses. Those who want to contribute to the recovery of Oakwood Beach can do so through this chipin established by my friend Tracy Diaz. I’m also reposting a link to a letter that Larry Sinclair published which details the loss experienced by another good friend of mine, Tina Sabella Downer, due to Hurricane Sandy. Yet another friend has also set up a chipin to help Staten Island families and shelters. People on the other shore also could use some some good will.

The Staten Island Advance has published a list of distribution sites for those of you who are still looking for a way to help the victims of Sandy’s wrath. Elite Dental of Staten Island will provide emergency dental care as a courtesy to anyone affected by the storm. You can reach them at this phone number: 718-370-1200. Samantha Giordano has created a relief fund, Save Our  Shores Sandy Relief, focused upon relief operations for those parts of Richmond County most deeply impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Of course, pizzerias continue to be first responders as they have been since Hurricane Sandy made landfall and will continue to be in the future. Pizza makers never sleep! Staten Strong is yet another great, grassroots organization you might consider donating to.

For those who wish to help out those New Yorkers living in one of the worst-hit areas of Queens, Graybeards is holding an online fund raiser to help out residents of The Rockaways. For New Jerseyans, Occupy Sandy has established an Amazon registry of items that are desperately needed for those in the Garden State. I realize that many of you are probably suffering from donor fatigue at this point, but the truth is that these people are not getting much help from our government.

The state, which the left believes is indispensable to human progress, has not come through. These folks are not asking for handouts from Uncle Sam though, but the reality is that they do need a bridge until they can rebuild their lives. That’s where you come in-and by “you” I mean the dedicated, generous followers of this website. If you can’t help, then you have my best wishes. However, if you can help, there are scores of people on Staten Island, New Jersey and elsewhere who would be eternally grateful.

H/T: Nicole Levine, Virginia Ross, and Jason Smith.




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