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November 14, 2012

That is one of the many unique artistic creations found at SMB Studio Arts Inc., an art studio/gallery in Eltingville, Staten Island which offers instruction to everyone from pre-school children to adults looking to pursue art as an avocation or career. I traveled there this past weekend for their Art & Music Event  intended to benefit those directly impacted by Hurricane Sandy, which included an auction of selected artworks.

The studio’s founding director and owner of SMB Steve Bunnicelli, who you see depicted in the drawing above, presided over the day’s proceedings.

In addition to an impressive display of art, we were treated to a performance by The Grautet , a great Jazz. The musical accompaniment was a nice complement to an eclectic collection of paintings and photographs created by some of SMB’s students. Several of the  works took as subjects things that hold fascination for almost all children, such as dinosaurs.

Popular cartoon characters:

Iconic superheroes:

And cartoonish villains.

Monstrous characters from defunct television series were also depicted:

As were beloved pets, such as dogs.

There were also topical pictures, such as this variegated portrayal of America’s national symbol right before Veterans Day.

As well as a tribute to the United States Marines Corps on the 237th anniversary of its founding:

And a portrait commemorating the life and times of  John Lennon.

The artistic depictions of fictional superheroes and villains dovetailed nicely with the general motif of the studio, which seemed geared to appeal to the type of imaginative young students who go there to hone their craft.

Befitting a studio that caters to young art students, many of the works took as their theme fond childhood memories.

And children themselves.

As well as young adults.

Nature  and its creatures also served as subjects for many of the young artists.

But man-made objects were also limned.

I saw some brilliant sketches of iconic New York City landmarks.

Which seemed to connect with the historical presence of the studio-including figurines of legendary New York Yankees players and a frame of classic covers from the Saturday Evening Post.

There was some very interesting, experimental and abstract art on display as well.

But there were also more conventional portraits.

Overall, visiting SMB was a great experience, especially knowing that the proceeds from the evening were specifically earmarked for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. For those of you in Staten Island who appreciate art, it’s definitely worth a visit.

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