Blood on the Border

October 4, 2012

Update: It’s believed by the FBI that the death of this Border Patrol agent was a case of friendly fire. Look for a link to the USA Today article in the comments section of this post. 

Yet another deadly attack upon this nation’s Border Patrol agents, the first since the ambush of Brian Terry by Mexican drug cartels, goes largely unnoticed by the White House. Just as this administration ignored the pleas of Agent Terry’s family for honesty and transparency, so too does it evade troublesome questions raised by Univision’s blockbuster investigative journalism related to the ongoing Fast and Furious carnage.  

Was Patrol Agent Nicholas J. Ivie’s murdered by one of the weapons trafficked in the Fast and Furious Operation? House Republicans think so, and based upon past events, I would have to agree.

The appointment of Cheryl Saban as Ambassador to the United Nations merely raises more questions about an administration that has been hell bent on obstructing any and all investigations into President Obama’s blood-soaked Watergate.

Will this latest attack upon our nation’s front-line defenders force the White house to finally come clean, or stop the retribution exacted from federal whistleblowers? If past is prologue, it probably won’t, which is why we can be grateful that some people in the media are finally paying attention.

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