True Independence

July 4, 2012


Today is the federally designated holiday commemorating our separation from Great Britain, despite the fact that the adoption of the Declaration of Independence  by the Second Continental Congress occurred on July 2, 1776. Even so, this is a great day to reflect upon how our country arrived at this point in its history. Which is why I’m providing you with audio from one of Professor Thomas E. Woods Jr.’s brilliant lectures exploring the all-too-often obscured history of the United States.

This particular lecture examines the early colonial history of America-up to and including the decision by the thirteen colonies to sever ties with its mother country-and how individual states asserted their rights in the face of collectivist aggression. It’s a talk that is pertinent to our current political climate, which finds the very concept of federalism under relentless assault from all quarters.

The author of this nation’s political and legal cornerstone knew more than anyone else how destructive the the powers of a centralized state could be, which is why uncovering the true history behind our forefathers’ audacious endeavor-at a time of unparalleled attacks against the Bill of Rights and individual autonomy-is such an urgent task.

Happy Independence Day, readers! I hope that you’ve spent some of it contemplating the beauty of our nation’s founding document, and hopefully examining what makes this country a unique experiment in republican self-governance.

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