License to Kill

April 6, 2012

While news of the disposition of Uncle Onyango’s immigration status vary, with Limits to Growth reporting that President Obama’s uncle has been granted a hardship license after his Mr. Toadesque adventure with Massachusetts law enforcement, even as “sources” inform the Boston Herald that he’s about to be deported-over a decade after the government told him to leave this country-this spectacle has engendered a much broader debate within the Bay State. Republican lawmakers are questioning how Barack Obama’s uncle obtained a driver’s license¬†despite an outstanding deportation order, as the rest of the state continues to be imperiled by the negligence of their pandering governor and his mentor in the White House.

That’s why the report below, courtesy of Fox Boston, investigating the lax issuance policy of the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is a must-watch. The dogged Janice Kephart, of the Center for Immigration Studies, explains why Massachusetts is defying common sense-as well as federal law-and consequently, putting its citizens at risk.


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