The Life, and Death, of a Rancher

March 27, 2012

Today marks a deeply sad anniversary that will go unnoticed by most Americans, unfortunately, but which we must acknowledge if we ever hope to prevent such tragedies from recurring in the future. I speak, of course, of the murder of Arizona rancher Robert N. Krentz Jr., who was shot to death on his Cochise County ranch by an illegal alien-possibly associated with one of the powerful Mexican drug cartels-as he was coming to the aid of a Mexican national he thought was in need of help in 2010.

That ranch, which had been in the Krentz family since the 19th century, symbolizes the struggle Americans on the Southwestern border of the United States experience every day as they are besieged by ruthless coyotes, sophisticated, well-armed narco-traffickers, and thousands of illegal aliens trespassing upon their property. Janice Kephart and Bryan Griffith, both of the Center for Immigration Studies, produced a brief documentary entitled A Day in the Life of an Arizona Rancher which chronicles these battles in vivid detail.

Although Rob Krentz’s life was taken in large part due to the ineptitude of our federal government in securing our southern border, his murder prompted a wave of public indignation that ultimately led to the passage and enactment of SB 1070, the signature achievement of Governor Jan Brewer which is now before the Supreme Court. The Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act, otherwise known by its shorthand, SB 1070, and the attempt by the Obama Justice Department to thwart its implementation-by no means the only attempt by this president to strip states of their rights-was the chief inspiration for American Rattlesnake. And insofar as Rob Krentz’s death spurred the campaign to protect the lives and property of innocent victims of our government’s negligence, this website.

That’s why you should reflect upon the life of an incredibly compassionate, hard-working, courageous man whose life ended far too early and who was just one of the many victims of illegal aliens whose fate our country’s politicians are ┬ácallously indifferent to. The San Francisco Immigration Examiner explores just who was lost on that southern Arizona ranch, while Jim Olson in the Tucson Citizen relates the story of Rob Krentz to readers who are unfamiliar with his family’s rich history. I suggest you read both, because they explain how an ordinary man became emblematic of a national crisis, one which must be resolved if people living in our nation’s border states are ever to find true peace and security.





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