Refugee Reform

February 17, 2012

The burdens imposed by refugees seeking political asylum-most of them taking advantage of fraudulent applications-is not  simply a dilemma for the United States, although refugee resettlement is an enormous problem facing this country. However, this is an issue of global scope, illustrated most vividly by the case of Abu Qatada, the late Osama Bin Laden’s man in the UK, international jihadist, and one of the English dole’s most favored recipients. Qatada can now thank European courts for not only extending his stay in the United Kingdom, but also granting him his freedom. And just like their American neighbors, Canada is now experiencing a plague of refugees abusing the overly generous system initially crafted with the intention of helping genuine refugees, not TB-infected, potential terrorists. In the report below, the much-needed reforms devised by Canada’s much-maligned Immigration Minister Jason Kenney are described in full. See for yourself whether the open borders demonology surrounding this very modest proposal is an overreaction on the part of refugee boosters. 

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