Happy Trails to Rick Perry and Live-Tweeting the GOP Debate

January 19, 2012


Update: The full live-tweet of the debate is online. You can access it here

 Later today I’ll be live-tweeting the last Republican debate held before this weekend’s South Carolina Republican primary. With the withdrawal of Rick Perry from the race, as well what appears to be a last minute surge by Newt Gingrich, it should make for interesting viewing. Whether any of the remaining candidates will highlight the heretofore neglected issue of patriotic immigration reform and enforcement remains to be seen. If past debates are any guide, this vitally important issue will be wholly ignored by both the debate moderators and the candidates on stage. Interestingly enough, Newt has broached the subject in the past and Mitt Romney has made some encouraging noises  in several debates. However, chances are that it will be studiously ignored this time around, unless Numbers USA has purchased some ad buys in order to highlight the chronic unemployment that afflicts the Palmetto State. In any case, it will be worth following, if for no other reason than to see what questions aren’t asked. You can read my live-tweet of the debate by scrolling through my Twitter page, at OddLane


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