Comments on: American Rattlesnake’s Top Nine Songs Immigration News, Analysis, and Activism Fri, 08 Nov 2013 16:40:34 +0000 hourly 1 By: John A. Carman John A. Carman Wed, 10 Jul 2013 03:08:21 +0000 Just happened across your site. Maybe you’d like to do a story about my case as a U.S. Customs “whistle-blower”?

Here is an excerpt from a letter I recently sent Congresswoman Susan Davis.

Feel free to contact me to talk. I know what is going on.

Quote: Dear Congresswoman Davis,

I see that the district lines have changed and am therefore writing you instead of my former Congressman Duncan Hunter.
Since I am former law enforcement, I live in a P.O. Box and my information is protected by a court order because of my work in U.S. Customs specifically.(1983-1998)
I also worked in U.S. Secret Service(1974-1977) in Wash.D.C. and also worked inside the White House Protecting Presidents Ford and Carter. As well as all the others in their Families and Heads of State, Ambassadors, Embassies, etc..
I later joined the San Diego Police Department(9-25-78 day of the PSA plane crash to 1981) in between my goal of getting into the U.S. Customs.
I then worked and got my license as a private investigator. 1981-1982 when I went into U.S. Mint Police/Treasury to get re-instated back to Treasury.(10 months)
I then went into U.S. Customs & Immigration Service 10-20-83 to March 1998) 16 years
I was excellent at my job, but was not properly recognized except on a few occasions and ended up observation first hand the “Corruption” inside U.S. Customs and Immigration.
I reported corruption as early as 1985, received DEATH THREATS and internal affairs did NOTHING and are useless.They do NOT follow procedures like you expect to do.
I, on the other hand, followed procedures and still got railroaded. The system does NOT work.
All this time and throughout my law enforcement history, I had a very excellent record and helped to save lives and got awards.(which Customs later claimed they lost) I had hard copies of my file though.(Not ALL files are disclosed,..i.e. 7B folder, I.A> Red File, etc..)

I can email you an appeal of my case written by my attorney which may help you to understand my case better.
I have no pension nor can I work as a private investigator and I have been black balled form working government law enforcement related work since I was a “Whistle-blower”.
I also helped other whistle-blowers who were also current and former Government employees as well as U.S. Attorney’s(hard to believe)There are whistle-blowers in ALL of the agencies now and the numbers are growing.
I would like to know if there is something YOU can do to help me?
I have no social Security benefits at this time as far as I know. I am 60 years old now. Treasury did NOT take out for Social Security when I was in Customs. I was CSRS retirement.
I now have sever arthritis osteo porosis and other health issues which affect my ability to work as well.
I have intelligence and can work an office type job,but I am black listed.
How can I get any legal assistance now??
I can not pay for my various living expenses and am on Welfare and get food stamps. I get some help from my Dad who is retired Military.
Can we schedule and appointment or talk on the telephone some time so I can put things into a better perspective.
My former attorney is Knut Johnson . His number is (619)232-7080 YOU may call him at anytime.
If you like, I can send you some case related documents as an attachment as it is easier for me to do by email Please give me your email.

Thank you for you time and I hope this letter wasn’t too burdensome or lengthy?
Please do call me at any time.

Best regards,

John A. Carman

John Carman
Former U.S. Secret Service
San Diego Police Department
U.S. Mint Police/Treasury
U.S. Customs Service
EOD-San Diego MAST Unit Member Customs
U.S. Immigration Service
Ex-Private Investigator
Security Consultant
National Security Adviser
Research Specialist

John Carman
P.O. Box 577
La Mesa, Ca. 91944
Cell:……… (Confidential 24/7 hours)