Free Agent Diaz

July 7, 2011

Some of you might recall our previous action alert highlighting the plight of Border Patrol agent Jesus Diaz, who is currently facing a 10-35 year prison sentence for allegedly abusing a Mexican drug smuggler that entered this country illegally through Eagle Pass, Texas. Although I haven’t addressed this case in some time, I’d like to once again remind you all of the struggle Agent Diaz is facing and give you an idea of how you can help him out. You can find details of the case, as well as information about how you can support Agent Diaz’s fight for justice, on this Facebook page

One way to get in touch with Mr. Diaz is to write to him directly at this address:

BPA Jesus Diaz 

PO Box 2317, Del Rio Texas


You can also find updates on this case at a great website established for the expressed purpose of freeing Agent Diaz, which contains a plethora of information about the miscarriage of justice that led to his conviction and imprisonment. There you can also, if you so choose, decide to contribute to his legal defense fund. It should be noted that Jesus Diaz’s wife Diana is herself a Border Patrol agent, and therefore hard-pressed to fight the legal battle ahead of them relying solely upon her own resources. 

The fact that Agent Diaz was prosecuted in the first place is outrageous, but not at all surprising considering the war that the federal government is waging upon its own front-line immigration and law enforcement officers. At the very least, become informed about what the Department of Justice is doing on your behalf, and remind the Diaz family that there are still Americans who appreciate their service defending this country.

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