Be The People

July 29, 2011

One of the most  eloquent advocates for immigration control and enforcement that I know of is Professor Carol M. Swain. For those of you who aren’t familiar with her work, Professor Swain is an acclaimed scholar in the fields of race relations, immigration, and American politics. She also happens to be the author of a powerful new book that tackles these subjects, among others, entitled Be The People: A Call To Reclaim America’s Faith and Promise. You can find this work, along with a fantastic anthology of essays dealing with the subject of immigration which she’s edited, on her website. You can also listen to her testimony before Lamar Smith’s House Judiciary Committee earlier this year, which addressed the problems posed to youth, African-Americans, Hispanic Americans and other underserved communities by our government’s policy of unfettered immigration. Too often these groups are overlooked by elected officials searching for an immigration “solution,” despite the fact that they bear the brunt of the short-sighted solutions that are devised on Capitol Hill and in the White House.

Carol Swain is what the immigration reform movement should be about, i.e. repairing the ethnic divisions and racial animosities that have riven this country over the past century while at the same time recognizing the interests of both native-born Americans and new immigrants to our nation. I heartily recommend looking into her work, which has added immeasurably to the public dialogue about these pivotal national issues.

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One Response to Be The People

  1. Chief_Cabioch on July 30, 2011 at 1:08 AM

    Is immigration the issue ?, or is it “Illegal” immigration?, big diffewrence between them both, one would be a people migrating to become Americans, who relish the thought of becoming a Free person and respecting it as a country and as the last Bastion of Freedom left in the world……while the other is based solely on breaking OUR Laws, ignoring the rights of those standing in lines who are going through the “Correct” proceedures to become a US Citizen, instead we have those who would spit in our faces, sneak across a river, or across a border or scale a fence to STEAL what many of our Armed forces DIED to protect, they come here mostly uneducated, and they bring with them the same Ideologies they had when in their homelands, that they are “Entitled” to be An American, and the liberal progressive democrats have instilled those Ideologies in them, which is why they seek to come here, to Take anything our elected offcials will promise them for a Vote.

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